even when your down and just wanna give up there much more to life and we have to find it some how

Life so calm like the wind in the night sky

I’m steady chilling cos life has new meaning

No worries enough to sharpen

Then one day it happened

In a captivating Style, meant to demean

Let the music play, Allow the headline scream

So that it would appeal, let the noise go on

Doesn’t matter if it’s a lie

No one can pass this by

I thought it was done

But she had to come

A simple sit down, opened old wounds

To look at a face does not access how demanding

Write about me, let it be the truth

Let the headlines scream of what I could do

Allow it reek of what I did say

The passion must reside with consideration

Free me from your manipulations

Let it be justified, I mean the “hateration”

they do not care about the reprimanding

It’s their job, we should be used to it,

The price you pay, is filled with disdain.

Memories begin to spill again

Thought I was past this, that had no gain

It’s been like that

The headlines that created a problem that never existed

one too many lies they stayed consistent

I thought Life was predictable,

but now that was debatable.

The questions they ask, ring in my head

Why dint she stay, she could have sustained..its easy to say.

did she or didn’t she? Could she?

They continue, not minding the gravity of their actions

Afterall, its minor in their life’s faction

You choose your path in life, but can never predict those you chose to walk with.

Nobody is immune

It could have been you

I close this page with a lot to say

Hold my hand or let me be.

Allow my spirit to be free,

Allow me do the things you say

So your mouth can have a say

Beat your chest cos u were right

But till then, ill fight this fight

To them who started and those that continue

You wish for me to fall, so selfishly.

Who are you to judge, so carelessly

Running your mouth, incoherently.

I played them white walls

Within my four walls

I let the music play

My destiny, no longer to be delayed

We love you, let it go

I think I have but that is a side apart

Though I move far I think of the start The situations that created this day,

the headlines that brought about the pain

Because blood runs through my veins.

I choose to be strong

To rise above the malice

At last I’m free

As you can see

I have a voice

You have no choice

But to listen, so listen attentively

And to choose decisively

Where you stand abundantly.

You either live for the truth

Or continue to walk with liesRemembering, the end always justifies..

The End

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