think being a teen is hard? what about being a teen vampire? what about being the discrimen?

Crey thinks his life sucks,his father left him when he was 6, he gets harassed by bullies at school who enjoy calling him top it all off he is seeing wierd things in his dreams and he is seeing some repressed memories.Not to mention the fact that his cousin comes to live with him and has a huge secret about himself and crey. On the bright side he has the girl of his dreams. but what does he do


chapter 1 Dream

As I looked around my surroundings, I finally noticed where I was. It was a cold night and the moon was hanging high in the city sky, in the shape of a crescent. The alley way was quite and the stone underneath me was cold.


      I tried to get up but something was pinning me down. At that moment a sharp snapping sound broke the silence and a sharp pain shot up my spine I let out I scream of agony and it pierced through the quite still air, I could feel the cold breath of a man breathing on the back of my neck as he whispered words that truly confused me.


 “There’s no more running Crey, its time, you have to decide life or death”


 My attacker grabbed a handful of hair and yanked me off the ground down a dirt path; in the distant I could see the bright lights of another city.

“Why are you doing this?”


   I managed to mumble through the tears that were rolling down my checks now fore I knew I was facing death.

  “By know you should know Crey you can’t fight destiny…. You were created for this, born into a world so many would die to live in and have what you have to be called our Discrimen is such a honour and yet you throw it all away”


He threw my head down onto the ground and there was a loud deafening crack and blood started to pour from my skull to the ground


  “Maybe I should kill you, - “.


Before he could finish his sentence there was a bright flash of light, and for a moment I thought he had acted on his word that he had decided I should die. But in reality it was the sun it was shinning in through my windows and curtains and reflecting off the back of a paramour cd and into my eyes.

The End

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