Scootch the moon

 Everyone in the book struggle to survive the crisis that happens when the astroid hits the moon. They are managing to hold on to food to last until everything clears out. In the book the moon can be hit and moved . In my world the moon can be hit by an astroid thats how the craters in the moon are made . It is impossible for the moon to move because of its orbit. Miranda cares about her brother a lot . My brother and I fight like they do , but he is almost everything to me . I turned really overprotective when he got ran over , like Miranda is . I did not like the book , it was boring , stupid , and was not the kinda book I would read if I had a choice . My overall reaction is " It Sucked". If I was in a similar situation as them , I would see if all my friends and family are ok . Then I would get the family that lived near together , and go get what we needed . The only thing i would do different is get all my family together . Therefore I would do something different . 

The End

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