Where's Daphne?


"Hello, and welcome back to D! Talk Daily. Once again I'm your host Daphne Blake, bringing you the biggest names with a touch of D."

Daphne smiled into the camera and turned towards the actor sitting across from her.

"Today I'm here with one famous actress, you may all know her as quite the 'slayer' on TV, Sarah Michelle Gellar is with us. Sarah welcome to the show."

This was the life for Dapne. Interviewing famous persona's and living the high life in Hollywood. She had a huge condo, a large bank account, and a great life. So why did she always still feel so empty. As she listened to her guest drone on about whatever movie she was working on current, Daphne felt herself reliving her past life as a mystery hunter. The money was never great, and she didn't even own her own vehicle, but back then it was all about solving the crime, and it made her feel like a somebody.

Now that she really was a somebody she felt more like a nobody; lost in the tide pools that were hollywood's actors. She smiled and nodded or laughed courteously whenever her guest made a joke or comment, but inside she really wasn't listening at all. She wished, that somehow, she could maybe get back to the gang and go on one last mystery hunt. It wouldn't make life grander but at least it would give her back what she had been missing over the years.

Before she knew it the interview was over, and she was thanking her guest for being on the show. As the camera's swivled away and Daphne once again thanked the star for coming in privately, she looked into the audience as they slowly began to gather their things and file out.

It was then that she noticed one person sticking out from the rest of the crowd. It was a woman, but she was very tall, and had a very pale complexion. Her clothes were definitely not with the times, they almost looked ancient; both in style and actual age.

Suddenly a bright light flashed across her eyes, temporarily blinding her.

"Sorry," a stage hand shouted out, "someone forgot the take the spotlight off the main switch."

Daphne ignored him and rubbed her eyes to make them clear. When they finally did she looked into the audience, but the woman was gone. Daphne scanned the entire seating area, but the woman was nowhere to be found.

She didn't know why she wanted to see this woman again, there was just something she recognized about her. The thought quickly passed as one of the producers came over to recap the show with her. Still as she chatted to him, there was a residual feeling stuck with her, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.


In her dressing room Daphne looked herself over in the mirror. She was 22, young, vibrant, perky. She had a lot of years left to be able to show off her talent and beauty in the hosting business. She found herself still lingering back to her thoughts of Mystery INC. The times they had changed, but oh she would never forget those moments of fear and excitement, tracking down so many criminals.

She had wished sometimes that the monsters were real; it wasn't as much as wish as it was just a thought that had passed through her mind everytime they were close to figuring out the case. That was why she had started her career earlier seeking out real phenomena, and why she had found it on Zombie Island. After all that she had been too afraid to search for the real monsters again.

As she thought and stared at herself something shiny caught her eye from the corner of the room in the mirror. It sparkled in the bright dressing room florescent lights. She stood up slowly and turned around. Nothing sparkled now but she waited and watched.

As if on cue the sparkle caught her eye once more, and she rushed over to where it was. She stood staring at the object in surprise; it was a dog collar, with a golden pendant hanging from it. The pendant was what had caught her attention in the first place.

Slowly she knelt down and stopped the pendant spinning with her fingers, turning it around to read the name on it; it said Scooby Doo.

Suddenly the lights turned off in the room and screaming came from all sides at her. Flashes of light then accompanied them and she spun around to look at the mirror. A haggard woman began to slowly appear in the reflective surface, pointing at her with a scowl on her face; it was the woman from the audience Daphne had noticed earlier.

The woman moved her hands apart in a ceasing movement and the screaming instantly stopped. Her cold dry lips moved and the skin cracked as they did, as though those lips had not moved in centuries.

"You must not come to them," she whispered.

Daphne was terrified but also confused.

"Come to who?" Daphne called out to the spectre floating in the mirror.

"You must not come!" the woman screamed, and her ragged hair began to float around her face, "I will not allow it!"

She lifted her face and screamed into the air, the room suddenly brightened, but didn't stop, it became brighter and brighter until it was too bright for Daphne to even see anymroe and she had to shield her eyes.

When the bright light had subsided Daphne waited a moment and then slowly uncovered her eyes. She was in the middle of the woods; it was dawn and a morning mist was snaking through the trunks slowly.

Daphne was still in her skirt and blouse, and she shivered from the cold air.

"Jeepers, where am I?" she said aloud.

No one answered, and the woods stayed completely silent.

"Hello?" She called out, "can anyone hear me?"

A quiet breeze suddenly blew past her in reply, and it played with the leaves in the tree tops, rustling them slowly.

"Scooby Doo, where are you?" a ghostly voice called out.

Daphne spun around to where the voice had emminated from. There was no one there.

"What about Scooby Doo? Do you know where he is?" Daphne called out.

"Scooby Dooooooooooooo....where are youuuuuuuu?" the voice screeched.

Suddenly a dark mass flew towards Daphne, heading straight for her through the tree branches. Daphne turned and ran, her heels flew off and she ran through the forest barefoot. The mysterious form chasing her, through the woods that were not familiar to her at all.

She had no idea where she was running to, and she didn't know if she could find safety, but she knew in her heart that whatever was chasing her did not have good intentions. It screeched behind her in an animalistic cry.

Daphne looked back to see how close it was, but that was a mistake for as she did her foot caught a stray tree root and she went flying to the ground; her head cracked off a rock and she sunk instantly into blackness.

The End

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