Robyn was unsure of what the voice she could hear was, but she knew that it was inside her head.

She tried everything to be friends with Ruby again, but Ruby had other friends, and Robyn felt sad. This sadness lead to more voices:

"You lost her because you treated her badly"

"You are worthless"

"You don't deserve to live"

Robyn didn't want to listen to the voices but no one would listen to her so she failed to find someone to help. In sadness, Robyn cried in a corner of her room and took out a pair of scissors from a draw in her desk nearby. She cut into her arm and cried some more.

"Are you happy now?! Give me my friend back!!" Robyn shouted with no one to hear it.

"Ruby is gone" the voice said, "because you were unsure of how you felt, because you were unsure of who you are and who she is to you"

The End

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