Scizophrenic Jealousy

Teenager Robyn is jealous because her friend Ruby has so many other friends, Robyn begins to hear the voice of her jealousy, and it tells her do to strange things.

Robyn and Ruby are both 17 and they are good friends with each other. They laugh and joke all the time, and have fun.

One day, Robyn sees Ruby with the lad everyone likes, Jack. The two of them were laughing more than Robyn would laugh with Ruby. Because Robyn didn't have many other friends, she would try to join in the conversations Ruby and Jack had:

"I wish we could have studdied 'the Devil Wears Prada' instead of 'Pride and Prejudice'" said Ruby to Jack

"Yeah, LOL, because you want to read about Christian Thompson" Jack replied.

Robyn had never read 'the Devil Wears Prada' and couldn't join in the conversation. She felt very alone, and she was jealous of all the people Ruby was spending time with. When it came to Ruby spending time with Robyn, Robyn was miserable and unhappy because she knew that Ruby would soon be with other friends.

A voice whispered in Robyn's ear "You know you want her for yourself, you know you can't have her".

"Shut up" Robyn said to the voice. Ruby looked over and she decided that she couldn't be friends with Robyn any more because Robyn's emotions were too intense. They were getting in the way.

Robyn pleaded with Ruby to let them stay friends, but Ruby was sure she didn't want to be friends with Robyn whilst there were such strong emotions getting in the way.

"Now you have lost her. Now you are alone" said the jealousy to Robyn.

"I know what you are" Robyn replied, "I do psychology, you're schizophrenia, I'm not insane, I can't be, you don't exist!"

"Then why is it I am here? Why can you hear me?"

The End

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