Sci-fi story 4

One time champion of the galaxy, Kalac has turned to the dark side. She plans to relive her former glory days and stop living in the gutter.

The TV flickered. The storm was getting worse. On it were the advertisements.

"The chance to win a thousand Galactic stars!" The voice from the TV was saying, "Lines close tomorrow so call in now! All you have to do is tell us who these two people are."

On the screen appeared two pictures; the first one showed a picture of a female hero being cheered by a massive crowd in a throne room, the second was of a young girl in worn and ragged clothes standing in the gutter on the side of the road while it poured rain around her.

"Remember, you need to send identification for both people for a chance to win. Just send your answer to..." The contact numbers appeared on screen. The TV flickered off, the ariel blown away in the storm.

The End

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