Complications in the alternate


The alarm sounded, Agents Olivia Dunham, Lincoln Lee, and Charlie Francis ran to attention, Walter Bishop walked in, grey suit, bright white shirt, and a red tie. Peter Bishop stood behind them, Olivia just kept on staring forwards at Walter. Peter started "Olivia, you don't belong here, your not from here," His usual taunts and mutterings. Walter started speaking, "You are to be sent to the alernate universe to gather intelligence, and rescue one of our own." Walter walked over to Olivia; she wondered why he hadn't noticed Peter leaning on her shoulder, muttering into her ear. "Agent Dunham, you are to be leading this 'expedition' to the other side, as you can probably also travel to different universes like their own Olivia Dunham, plus you can probably gain their trust more than anyone else." Olivia just stood there, the shock not showing on her face, because she had heard it before. Olivia couldn’t help but feel she didn’t belong here... “You will need to be injected with this.” A scientist ran in with a small bag full of red liquid, “Cortexiphan, it works by enhancing people’s abilities of perception.” Secretary Bishop looked at her shocked, he thought to himself, How can she know this? “Y-Yes.. Very good Agent Dunham, you are to be the only one administered with this drug, any problems?” Secretary Bishop made it quite clear what he wanted, and that no one could change his mind. “Yes Sir!” Olivia nodded, then looked to her team mates, and gave them a nod. “You are to be taken straight away Agent Dunham, to be administered.” Another scientist appeared in the room, and led Olivia away. A familiar voice floated through the air… “Olivia… You can finally come home, you don’t belong here, you know that, and you can finally prove that…” She turned her head to the side, and spotted Peter Bishop smiling at her, “Did you hear that?” she looked to the scientist, hoping she isn’t crazy, “Hear what Agent Dunham?” She looked back to where Peter had stood, but he wasn’t there anymore, she shook her head in confusion. They finally arrived at the lab. It was a brilliant white, a divider stood at the end of the room; she pondered what could be behind it. “Please take a seat Agent Dunham.” Olivia nodded and sat on a chair, the scientist was busy collecting different needles, bags of different drugs to pay attention to an already-spaced out Olivia.

The End

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