Sci-Fi meets Assassin meets Crime.

A crossover of NCIS, Warehouse 13, Town called Eureka, Nikita, Fringe and NCIS Los Angeles.

"Eurgh." Muttered Tony DiNozzo, "Another boring day is it?" He was browsing through a dating site, "Why is there no hot, non-creepy girls, I mean, look at this one!" He pointed at the computer screen, "Obsession with cats, looking for someone to love and care for her until death, and when she's gone, to look after her TWENTY, yes twenty, cats!" He added disgustedly. "Tony, why do you even look at these.. dating.. things?" Ziva David shrugged her shoulders at him, her eyes slightly wide and confused. "They're called dating websites Ziva, they're for people who are looking for love." Ziva let out a sarcastic laugh, DiNozzo looked slightly shocked and confused at Ziva. Tim McGee walked in. "MCGEE. Your here, now tell Tony, on how idiotic it is to go on dating.. websites!" McGee looked slightly taken aback at Ziva's openness. "Er.. Yeah, Tony," McGee turned to DiNozzo, "Stop looking at dating websites, and get a life?" He continued unsure. Their team leader, (Leroy Jethro) Gibbs walked in, and slammed a huge file on each of their desks. "We have a case, get your stuff together." He walked to his desk and gripped his hat from his drawer and his SIG-Sauer P228, he looked around to all of his team getting ready to go. "Lets go people." He used a raised voice.

G. Callen, Kensi Blye, Sam Hanna, and Marty Deeks were already on the scene, they looked around the body, black latex gloves on. Callen spotted Gibbs and his team walking towards them, slightly confused, he offered Gibbs his hand. "Vance wanted us involved in this case." Gibbs just walked past Callen towards the body. "Don't worry, he does it to everyone." DiNozzo muttered into Callen's ear as he walked past him, forensics kit in hand. Kensi stood up, dusting herself off. "Well hello there.." DiNozzo was looking towards Kensi, he was about to advance on her when Gibbs slapped the back of DiNozzo's head. "OUCH. What was that for?!" Gibbs shifted his eyes towards Kensi as if to say 'hands off' "Oh.. Sorry Boss.. I'll get to work." He muttered adding, "Unfair.." He walked over to the body, which was covered in a huge faded black cover, he lifted it up slowly. Gibbs was talking to a witness when he heard a shout from DiNozzo, he ran over to him, as did the rest of them. Kensi shrank back a little, Ziva just crossed her arms in shock, Deeks let out a whimper Callen and Gibbs just stood there rooted to the spot. Donald "Ducky" Mallard and Jimmy Palmer arrived late, "You got us lost again!" Ducky exclaimed, Palmer looked shocked and apologetic. "Sorry Doctor Mallard.. I-I can't read maps" Palmer stuttered slightly. "Nevermind! We've got work to do." Palmer and Ducky looked around at everyone elses faces, they walked over to where the cover was lifted and Ducky's eyes lit up. "This is new! A mutated body.." Palmer looked over Ducky's shoulder and shrank back a bit.

The End

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