Science of modern lifeMature

A scientist sees the modern world in a new life kicked out of his job and forced to live a normal life.


Chapter one : A confused start to a confused person 

Several important looking people step towards a rough lab coat wearing human who looks like the life has been sucked out of him and one of the the whitest person you would ever look upon almost celeb teeth white almost a fake sort of white.

"Sir you are going to need to be escorted out of this lab" The important people said in a monotone voice "B-b-u...This is where I live...This is where I work!" The scientist whispered "Where going to move you into a city house and you can live life also we will supply you with whatever amount of money you want..." They drone "Bu-b- I think I'm onto something" he stammered, The suit wearers stab him with some syringe with some blue radiating sludge inside 

The scruffy guy wakes up in a small cold apartment "Where am I..." The man blurts out "My head hurts..." The man starts dragging himself around the apartment to find a small briefcase with tons of money in it, A bunch of clothes, Some raman noodles, A Ps1, tv and a bed. 

"Ok so they manage to leave me with a Playstation, I still don't know where I am." The guy takes a few elevators and steps  outside "Hey, Hey, Hey...H-...He-...Hel-...Hello." The scientist blurts out to any human being passes "Hey, Hows it going man." a ageing guy wearing a sort of scarf says shakily "H-...Wher-...Well...You see I don't know where I am...And I need to sort of know..." The scientist asks awkwardly "Dude, You don't know where you are...Are you drunk 'Cause its like 4pm bro, That's so underground of you." The hip kid whispers "No, You don't understand...I..Uh, Ok where am I?" The scientist repeats "Portland mother fudging Oregon" The hip kid shouts "Alr-...A-...Ok..." The scientist tries to put on a normal voice but fails and seems bothered "Yo, I gotta go write my blog you know...I hang around the coffee shops around here if you need me..." The hip kid scratches his neck and wanders of stiffly 

The End

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