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  The next morning was routine. When the bus dropped us off at school, there were still a few minutes before the tardy bell rang, so I took my time walking to my first class. When I walked in, half of the people weren't even in the room yet, so I took my seat and put my binder under my chair. The guy who sat behind me, Hunter, tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around in my seat. "Hmm?"
  "Hey, so. . . I saw that whole thing yesterday." I nodded, not knowing what his point was.
  "Yeah? Schell saw it too."
  "I know, I was standing next to her and Kaleb."
  I made a hand gesture to express a question. "So, the point. . .?"
  "Oh, yeah. So I had a question. They set a time for today. Are they still planning to fight after school?" He seemed hesitant to ask, as if it was an uncomfortable subject for him. I stopped to think about that. Quite honestly, I had no idea if they were or not. Technically, I hadn't told them not to fight after they set a date. On the other hand, Alex said he was trying to be more mature about the whole situation. The question was, what was Lenni gonna do? I hadn't really talked to him at all. That made me slightly nervous. He's been known to do spontaneous and expressive things.
  I pursed my lips. "I. . . don't know." Just as he was about to say something else, the bell rang and I had to turn back around. Saved by the bell again, I thought, sighing. All through Gym, I  repeated those questions in my mind as I kept a keen eye on Lenni. I tried to focus my attention to the lesson in Pre-Algebra, but I didn't finish my homework in class. Fourth period passed pretty quick in my opinion-- almost too quick. Maybe it felt that way because I sit right next to him in History. I was on edge, not wanting to face the questioning glances and unnerving little things that Lenni would do to try and get my attention. Honestly, I really didn't want to talk to him at all. But I knew I had to, like it or not.
  When I walked into the room, he wasn't there yet. I let out a small sigh of relief and took my seat in the back. I got a pencil and my History notebook out and doodled to take my mind off of things temporarily. After a moment or so, I saw Lenni walk in and sit down from my peripheral vision. I stealthily watched as he put all his things under the desk except for a pen and piece of paper. He scribbled something down on the paper and then folded it and put it on my desk. I opened the note and read it:

           So what's up, are you mad at me?

I wrote a reply and handed it back to him.

           Gee, why wouldn't I be?

           Well, I just thought that maybe you'd wanna talk.

           ... Actually, I did want to talk. But not over notes.

           What do you mean?

  I sighed again, but in exasperation, not relief. Was he stupid or something? How could you not understand that? Half frustrated at him and half mad at myself for not explaining it better, I tried not to break my pencil lead as I wrote back and then I put the paper on his desk.

           What I mean is, I wanted to talk in person and in private.

            So like, when do you wanna do this? I can't do it today after school 'cause I've got an ortho appointment. I have to get braces.

  He pushed the paper back to me. After I read it, I looked up at him with raised eyebrows. He nodded and gave a thumbs-down.

           Hmm.. Well, just don't go stirring trouble where it doesn't need to be stirred.

  He read my reply and wrote back with an amused look on his face.

           Great cliche. haha :P

  I scowled at him mockingly.
           Oh, like you could do better?

           Probably better than you!

  We both held back a snicker. Our History teacher, Mr. Golding, seemed more absorbed in the story he was telling than people who weren't paying attention. Whew, I thought to myself dramatically. I knew Mr. Golding; he wouldn't say anything and even if he did, he wouldn't say much before going back to his ever-so fascinating story about George Washington and Colonel Nathaniel Greene. Or was he a General? I don't even remember.
  So the remainder of the class passed by quick enough and I went to lunch with Emma. When we were finished eating, there were still about fifteen minutes before the bell to sixth period, so all of us girls at the table sat and talked until we had to leave. After that, I had to take a note-naming quiz in Band, which really isn't hard unless you're a dimwit. Anyway, we graded the quizzes and rehearsed our concert music when everyone was finished with naming those fantastic notes. (Cheesy, right? At least that's what our band director said.)
  Science was pretty boring. All we had to do was watch an "educational" video and take five notes about it at the same time. Ugh, I detest boring things. I suppose it's better than a ton of homework, though, so I think I can survive.
  English was my last class. We were in the process of writing Haiku poems about spring and Easter. I liked English because of it's simplicity and creativity. I'm in Accelerated English and most of what we learn is review to me, but it's still pretty fun anyway. my rough draft was done so that all I had to do was print it out tonight and turn it in tomorrow. Odd thing though, I hadn't seen Lenni in class. He had English with me. At first, I thought nothing of it. Chill out, I told myself, he's probably just in the counselor's office or something. The final bell rang and everyone was dismissed. As soon as I walked out of the classroom, Hunter ran up to me, much like Emma had yesterday. "What now?" I asked.
  "It's. . . them again," he gasped between words to catch his breath. "Lenni sent Alex to the hospital!" Everything became a blur. It felt like an out-of-body experience when I screamed in poor Hunter's face.
  "He did what??!?!"

To Be Continued..

The End

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