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  Lenni noticed me standing there and turned. Schell and a few other people who'd been watching the big "drama fest" were hurrying to get to their next class. As she walked by me, she gave a wink and a nudge to confirm what she had heard this morning. I opened my mouth to say that it wasn't a big deal, but I knew it would be in vain, so I decided to keep my mouth shut until at least I knew what was going on.
  "You should leave, Macy--" Lenni started to say, but I cut him off.
  "No, you should leave. Like, right now?" To say I was irritated was an understatement. I couldn't believe they were doing this! I was more than aggrivated. I was infuriated with both of them. I was so angry, I could barely stand to look at either of them. It seemed as though Alex was just as mad, but for different reasons.
  "Good idea, Lenni. You should go before someone gets hurt." Alex spoke behind clenched teeth and he had said Lenni's name with a sneer. I gave him a look that said, just you wait until I get you alone. Lenni, on the other hand, looked at me with an expression that was almost sympathetic.
  "Fine then. I'll just let you two love birds have some alone time." He walked swiftly down the hall and past me. It was obvious to the three of us that my face was red with embarrassment.
  "Macy," Alex tried to say, but I guess the look on my face said it all.
  "What were you thinking?? You two are not fighting again." I wanted so badly to just knock their heads together.
  "Macy, you don't understand. He threatened us! Said he'd put me in a coma and then keep you for himself. I swear, if I ever get my hands on him again. . ." There was acid in his hateful words.
  That threw me for a loop. Would Lenni really say such a thing? I thought about that for a second. If Lenni really did like me, and I mean really, really liked me, would he be that determined to have me as his girlfriend? Maybe. Still, saying such a thing like putting my boyfriend in a coma seems a little extreme. Even for him. And at the same time, I had this little voice in the back of my head that told me I was being treated sort of like a piece of property.
  "Still though, Alex. . . You shouldn't stoop to his level like that." I felt almost defensive about how he was handling things with my former friend. He sighed.
  "I guess I'm just kinda pissed off that he's being so stupid about it."
  "What do you mean?" I asked, slightly confused.
  "Well. . ." he paused with an expression on his face that I couldn't read.
  "Well? Well what?" I was starting to lose patience. And why shouldn't I? I mean, shouldn't I be slapping the sense out of him right now? Why did I let Lenni leave like that? So many questions were running through my head, leaving me emotionally exhausted.
  "I mean. . . He should be more mature about letting you go. It seems pretty bogus; you liked him two years ago and didn't tell him, but then when you moved on, he just so happened to like you back."
  I guess that makes sense, I said to myself.
  "Well, I'm sure you're right. The problem is, Alex, sometimes you act just as immature as he does with this sort of thing." The look of pain on his face told me that he already knew that.
  "Macy, I'm. . . I'm sorry we've put you through this. So sorry." He kissed me on the forehead and started walking away just as the bell rang. I caught his jacket sleeve.
  "Please, don't go. Not like this. Why can't we talk more?" I felt almost desperate not to go to my next class. Firstly, I didn't have a pass. Secondly, I had to sit right next to Lenni. Also, I had no doubt in my mind that Lenni would be giving me look after look if I went in there. Alex turned around and hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around him too, but for a different reason that he held me. He held tight to me because of the same reason that he kissed me that day during the summer after he and Lenni had fought. That day rang in my head like it was yesterday.
  "I feel so insecure," he had said. When I had asked why, he replied, "I'm afraid I'll lose you; I feel like you're one of those things that're just too easy to let go of. I don't wanna let go of you, Macy. I don't want to because I. . . I love you." That was our first real kiss. The kiss that I'll never forget.

  What he said next brought me back to my senses. "Macy, I have to go. We both do."
  "Why? I don't want you to leave. I could stay like this forever." I didn't want to let him go. Not if I had any say in it.
 "We're both already tardy. I can come over after school and we can talk all night then. Okay?" He pulled away just enough so that he could look at me face to face. My lips were inches from his. In the heat of the moment, I pulled him in closer and made him kiss me, made him wrap his arms around me again. After a moment, I stepped back.
  "Okay," I said, smiling. He looked surprised to say the least, and his cheeks were bright pink but he smiled too. "Good."
  I nodded and skipped back to my fifth period History class without a sane thought in my head. On my way there, I coaxed the school counselor into writing me a hall pass so that I wouldn't be counted as tardy. When I walked into the classroom, I handed my teacher the note and walked happily to my desk. Luckily, I have a seat in the back row, so it was easier to hide the sheer elation of having such an amazingly wonderful boyfriend to share my everything with. Well, most everything. There are some secrets that girls just have to keep.


  The end of History was kind of akward when Schell caught Lenni and I on the way out the door and said what a great couple we would make. Maybe, if I wasn't already with someone! I wanted to say, but once again, I shut my mouth.
  When I sat down with all my friends at lunch, Schell was sitting across from me with her friends, Lauren Driscoll and Lauryn Spratte. (Weird, right? Lauren and Lauryn were also good friends with each other.) I pretended to clear my throat, hinting to the nice little stunt she had pulled before going to the cafeteria. Schell didn't bat an eyelash. She just kept babbling about her favorite kinds of shoes and the dress she was going to wear at the dance and her boyfriend, Andrew, and blah, blah. . .
  I kicked her under the table to get her attention.
  "Oww! Excuse me, what was that for??" She bent down to rub her shin.
  "That was for telling someone who has an obvious crush on me that he and I would make a great couple!" I ground my teeth at her ignorance.
  "Oh, yeah. . . Sorry about that." She laughed guiltily. Obviously, she knew somewhat the effects of her previous statement between Lenni and I.
  "'Sorry about that.' Is that all you have to say?" I raised an eyebrow dramatically to show that I wasn't that concerned about it.
  "Well. . . Yeah, I guess," she said, looking uncomfortable. I laughed at her seriousness.
  "It's fine, Schell. You probably just didn't know the tidal waves you may or may not have caused by saying such a thing." I really didn't seem as stressed about it as I was.
  "O-okay then. . . Sorry again."
  "It's fine, I accept your apology." She seemed to look a little more relieved then.

  Band, English, and Science were how I spent the rest of my day. I focused completely and entirely on each class, telling myself each hour that I just had to hold on until the end of school and the short ride home.
  "So, you're being awful quiet," my mom said curiously. I was sitting with my head laying on my hand, looking out the window at the people who were hanging out or walking home.
  "Sorry, I guess my thoughts are just somewhere else right now." Oh yeah, my thoughts were definitely somewhere else.
  "Well, what do you want for dinner? Is Alex coming over today?" I nodded.
  "I'm not really hungry," I said, causing her to raise an eyebrow.
  "Are you sure?" I nodded again.
  "Alrighty then. Well, just let me know if you do decide you want something."
  "Okay." We pulled into the driveway and sat in Mom's silver Toyota Avalon for a minute, unspeaking. After a moment, she turned the car off and took the key out of the ignition.
  ". . . Did something happen today at school? Something I should know about?" I turned to look at her. She had a stern but also caring look on her face. I vaguely wondered how she could mix such emotions into the same expression.
  "Not much, just a little quarrel between these two guys."
  "Mmhm, and what were their names?" I got that look. You know, the look that says, You're already busted. Just come quietly and no one gets hurt. I sighed. She can read me better than I thought she could.
  ". . . Alex and Lenni." She nodded in self-satisfaction.
  "And why were they fighting?" I rolled my eyes dramatically.
  "Because they're stupid? Or maybe just because they're boys and they're territorial? Not that I think of them as animals or anything. . ." I trailed off, feeling lame. Mom laughed.
  "I know what you meant. Well, I'm not gonna tell you it's easy. But as long as you have faith in yourself and the Lord, then you can get through it." She hugged me comfortingly.
  "Thanks Mom, I appreciate it," I said just as Alex knocked on the car window. My mom gave an encouraging squeeze before we both got out of the car.
  "Hello again Alex," my mom said, smiling at him.
  "Hi Miss Lori." He put an arm around me in a gentle way. I felt like I was on cloud nine.
  She nodded and waved. "Have fun, you two," she called over her shoulder before hopping up the steps and into the house. When she was gone, Alex looked down at me.
  "So, how'd you hold up this afternoon without me?" When he saw the mixed expression on my face, he smirked. "Something wrong?"
  "Not at all." I stuck my nose up and tried to act snobby, but I couldn't hold the pose with him looking at me like that.
  "What?" I asked. His only reply was a quick, but breath-taking, kiss on the lips.
  "Nothing important. Can we go inside?"
  "Sure," I replied, grinning. We walked up the front steps together, hand in hand, until I had to let go because I was holding my book bag in one hand and had to open the door with the other; his arms were full with his back pack and holding me.

  We walked into my room and I shut the door behind us. As soon as I did so, he threw down his bag and met me with a full-on kiss, using one hand to lift my chin up and the other on the small of my back in order to pull me deeper into the moment. After a long minute, he began to pull away, as if he was going to say something, but I pushed him on my bed and allowed myself to fall with him. We landed together, laughing and holding hands. I lay there for some time before leaning closer to him and putting my head on his chest.
  "Something on your mind?" Alex asked as he put a hand behind his head and the other one around me.
  "Not really," I said, although I did want to talk about today's earlier events. He didn't fall for it.
  "I don't think so," he retorted. I could hear his heartbeat and feel his warm breath against my forehead. I looked up at him.
  "And what's that supposed to mean?" I asked sarcastically.
  "It means that I know you're thinking about what happened today." I heaved a sigh. Why wouldn't anybody let that go, especially if I was willing to?
  "Not really. I'm just kinda curious as to why you're not steaming with anger after the stuff he said." He seemed almost hesitant to answer. I looked up at him in question.
  "You want the truth?" I nodded. Well, obviously! I thought to myself. "Alright, quite honestly. . ." he trailed off, then finished his sentence. "I dunno. I have no idea why I'm not as mad as I probably should be. But what about you? I figured after this morning that you'd be trying to avoid both of us." He looked at me in a way that, once again, I couldn't understand. I shook my head.
  "I could never be mad at you for that long. Of course I was this morning at school, but who wouldn't be?" I lay my head back down on his chest and closed my eyes. We sat there together in silence for I don't know how long, until Mom knocked on my door and said it was time for Alex to start walking home; it was sundown and he lived four blocks away. I sat up and looked at him. He looked almost like he could fall asleep right there. I shook him gently.
  "Alex?" I asked. He opened his eyes and sat up next to me.
  "I'm right here," he said, brushing my bangs out of my face with his hand.

  We got up and hugged each other before I handed him his back pack and he headed down our front porch after a quick goodbye to my mother. I watched him walk down the block until he turned the corner (being my paranoid self), and Mom and I ate baked chicken and mashed potatoes. Afterwards, I took a shower, got into my pajamas, brushed my hair and teeth, and went to bed. Tucked into my cozy little bed, I slowly drifted to sleep with thoughts of this afternoon and my sweet, sweet Alex dancing in my head.

To Be Continued..

The End

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