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Macy Williamson is going into high school, and she, like many people, has mixed emotions about doing new things. She doesn't have an abundance of friends, but she's got more than some people have. Macy figures that with the help of her mom and her friends, she can become confident in moving on to freshman year. There's just one problem-- her current boyfriend, Alex, and her former friend, Lenni, don't get along; they often fight over Macy because Lenni has a secret crush on her. So much drama!

  Alex. Oh, Alex. You are amazing and dreamy and handsome and amazing. This thought kept running through my mind as I sat on my bed looking at the beautiful Valentine's day card he had hand-made for me. I sat there reading the hand-written words over and over again in my head and sighed contently. In his neat handwriting, it said:

     You're so beautiful. I can't believe you chose me of all guys out there to go out with. I'm so happy and lucky that you me instead of some other dude that really doesn't deserve you. Wanna know what I think? I think I don't deserve you either. But apparently you think I do. So here I am, thinking about you on this special day, wishing I could tell you how lucky I am. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss for words. Everything that you've given me is indescribable. I can't wait to see you in your gorgeous dress at the dance on Friday. See you soon!
                          Yours truly,


  I thought about Alex dreamily. He has dark hair and hazel eyes. You know, the kind of eyes that can make you melt just by looking into them? He's not the buffest guy in school, but he does have a 6-pack. He even let me feel his abs once. I gave a giddy laugh as I remembered that moment when my heart skipped a beat. That was one of the first times he had kissed me on the lips. I was so happy that day. . .
  Then I remembered about Lenni, my old secret love interest. Back in sixth and seventh grade, I had a major crush on him. Then I thought back to that fight that Alex and Lenni had gotten into when Alex found out that a certain someone was trying to "take me away from him". At least that's how Alex put it. Exhausted, I fell back on my bed. I realized that I hadn't gotten much sleep since two nights ago, when my friend Emma reminded me that we had ISAT's coming up. ISAT is short for Illinois Standard Achievement Test. It's one of the most important tests we have to take each year since third grade. I sighed, this time out of exasperation. How was I supposed to concentrate on middle school finals when things were so tense between my boyfriend and my ex-crush? Oh, and I forgot to mention that Lenni and I used to be good friends. Not best friends, but we knew a lot about each other. That all kind of ended after sixth grade, although I still had a crush on him. Not that I would admit that to anyone except Emma and my cat, Princess.
  After laying there for a few minutes, I got up and put the card away before trudging out into the kitchen where my mom was making dinner. She was in her pajamas and robe, sautéing onions for the cheeseburgers that she had just made on the grill.
  "Ready for supper?" she asked.
  "Yeah, I'm so hungry right now!" We both laughed.


  The next day, I got ready for school by getting dressed in a cute pair of faded blue-gray jeans and my Never Shout Never t-shirt, pulling on some mix-match neon socks and my navy blue Converse All Stars, brushing my teeth, and putting my blonde hair up in a neat ponytail. It was still chilly outside (the weather was just starting to warm up for spring), so I pulled on my black hooded jacket and shouldered my book bag. I gave Mom a hug and said goodbye before walking down the front steps and walked to the bus stop.
  While I stood at the corner waiting for the bus, I saw one of my other friends, Schell, walking toward the bus stop across the street.
  "Hey!" she called. "What's up?"
  "The sky," I yelled back. She laughed as she ran from the crosswalk to where I was standing.
  "I meant what's new in your life. Not what's physically up," Schell said jokingly as she tried to catch her breath.
  "What's new in my life? Hmm. . . Well, not much except for a little love triangle." That made her raise her eyebrows in question; she's always had a flare for gossip.
  A love triangle? Geesh, what got into my head? It's not a love triangle, it's just me and my Alex and a certain someone else trying to butt in. But why did I have to say it like it was some kind of romantic soap opera love affair between Aphrodite and two male model-looking men who didn't speak English? I did a mental face-palm. How could I be so dumb as to say that to Schell Lott?
  "Ooooh, sounds interesting," she said, bringing me back to reality.
  "Oh, u-um.. yeah, sort of. It's nothing, really." I tried to sound convincing, but I didn't do a very good job.
  "Really?" She didn't believe me.
  "Yeah, it's totally nothing dramatic, I'm just sort of a drama queen. That's all," I said with a nervous laugh.
  "Hmph, I've never known you to be a drama queen, Macy Williamson." Schell stared into my eyes, trying to decipher whatever it was I was hiding from her.
  "No really, it's nothing serious," I said, backing away slightly.
  "You won't have me believing a lie like that, would you? I'm not stupid, ya know. So, is it between you and Alex and Le--"
  Just then, the bus pulled up. I let out a relieved sigh. Thank the Lord, I thought as I climbed up the steps of the bus and sat down in the second row. Fortunately, Schell gave up on interrogating me and sat near the back. I was, at last, safe from all of her unnerving questions. . . for now.


  At school, my first period was Music. Today was "bring your tunes to class" day, so everyone brought their phones and iPods and iPads and MP3 players so that they could listen to music. My jacket was the kind of hoodie that has earphones built into the hood and pull cords, so I already had my music set. I put my ear pieces in and turned on the jacket's song list mechanism and quietly jammed out to bands like Paramore, Mayday Parade, Never Shout Never, Hello Monday, and Green Day.

  Second period was Gym, and although I was in the class with Lenni, our game of dodgeball went without conflict. Pre-Algebra and Language Arts also passed by smoothly. I finished my Math homework in class, and all we did in Lang. Arts was listen to our teacher read Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Pretty much everything went uneventful until the end of my fourth class. In the passing period before fifth period, Emma ran up to me with an expression on her face between shock and sheer concern.
  "What's wrong?" I asked as I closed my locker.
  "It's Alex and Lenni. They. . . They just. . ." Worry washed over me.
  "They just what, Emma?!"
  "They both just set a time and date to fight all out!" She was still gasping from her run up a flight and a half of stairs. My heart nearly skipped two beats.
  "Where are they now? What are they doing? Where are they gonna go?" My thoughts were racing. How could they do this? They both know very well that it's against my wishes! There is absolutely no way I was going to let them go along with this. I shook Emma by her shoulders.
  "Hello? Where are they??"
  "I-I'm not sure where they are right now. A few minutes ago, they were down by the band lockers. But Macy, how are you--" I don't know what she said after that because I was already half-running through the hall and down the stairs to the band/choir corridor. I have to stop them, whatever I do, I kept thinking to myself. I have to, I just have to!
  I made it down to ground floor and into the entryway of the band room hallway. And there they were, still standing there glaring at each other with sparks in their eyes, oblivious to everything around them. Everything, that is, except me.

To Be Continued..

The End

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