Same Old, Same Old

"Ten minutes late and school only started today." Mrs Kyla sighed as the two of them walked in slightly out of breath.

"Well you had to make sure that we weren't alien pretending to be us didn't you, well here's the proof." Tyler replied, smiling at Matt, as they sat down at the chairs adjacent to Mrs Kyla's desk. 

Mrs Kyla was a tall dark lady that had been at the school since Matt joined. Matt found that providing you kept on the right side of her and stayed in the good books then she'd let you get away with pretty much anything. Just so long as it didn't look bad on her or cause her trouble in any way. Tyler, on the other hand, liked to push things and it had landed him in detention for an hour after school many a time last year. He wasn't a bad student it's just that the teachers found him irritating after a while, much like a parent who's child keeps asking why all the time. Eventually they're going to have enough.

"I wish you were aliens" Mrs Kyla continued. "Then I wouldn't have to put up with this lateness year after year to form and lessons. I really don't know why I let it go each time". 

Tyler was ready with his response for this one, "Because Miss, you like us really and we don't cause you any trouble". 

Mrs Kyla just gave him a look that seemed to say do I, do I really? before her eyes returned to her laptop as she loaded up the register. 

Matt looked around his new form room and it was just as he remembered it from his ICT classes the previous year. The same Banks of 5 year old computers lining the desks, each with a different part broken off but all with broken CD trays. The same fraying burgundy curtains that lined the bay windows with their peeling white paint. In fact the only difference was that the old ICT curriculum posters had come off the walls and had been replaced with bright red notice boards, with as yet nothing on them, but later Matt suspected they would show off the very best of the schools ICT work from pupils. A few pie charts and a printed off slideshow about fish most probably.

"Matt Goodwood..."

The moment refocused and Matt found himself being stared at by half the class.

"I'll put you down as not here then shall I? Mrs Kyla asked.

Realisation dawned on him that she was taking the register and had already got down to G.

"Oh sorry Miss. Here Miss" he replied quickly.

The End

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