Schoolgirl's Imaginarium

In sorting through all of my old toys/boxes/books etc. I found a heap of old stories from recent, forgotten times all the way back to Year 1 when my storytelling was somewhat lacking but a good laugh. In an act of reminiscence, I thought I'd record it all and maybe we can all laugh at me together. All of the stories are raw and unchanged from the original...this'll be amusing.

My Memories of 'Before'

By Ethi Adebowale or "Emily"

Year 9 History Assessment - Slavery Project

MARK: A+ (96%)


I am only worth what my master pays for me,

I am only as civilised as my master teaches me to be,

I am only as brown- as the number of times I see my reflection.

You can ask who I am, and I'll say this.

I am Ethi, I am 52 now. Then, I was 18, but if you ask me anything else about my life, about my family and brown friends, I could not tell you that. For most of my life, I never lived there with them, I lived in a land called America, a place I never knew in my Before-Life. Now, I work in an estate north of a large road I can't see the end of and I've never even left the boundaries of the hedges. They think I will run away, but they don't need to worry.

I don't want to die yet.

They know nothing. I would run away, if I was as sprightly as I had been, then, I was more hopeful, hopeful that I could sail back to my home somehow and survive. But now I will never run away. I know that if I run, they will catch me, and if they don't, stolen food cannot keep me alive, and even though their sun is different to the one I knew, it will kill me just the same.

I remember very little of Before-Life, those times were simpler. I had friends, and when I was captured I could take some comfort - and even loss - in knowing I would have friends to talk to on The Journey. The Pale Ones brought me here. I couldn't stand them 10 years ago, and I won't say they've grown on me, because they certainly haven't. But I can look them in the face without feeling ill, and they should take that as a blessing. I saw little of them in my Before-Land, except when they were restricting our land on the coast side, and building bridges and bodies out of wood, with cargo and material and Pale Ones running around for a prestige event like one of their fairs or markets. It was only after I was caught that I realised my people were the event, trying to load us into the wooden body like we were cattle.

As I say, the Pale Ones can be acquaintances of mine, but I can never truly call them friends like I did with those in the Before-Land. The colour of their skin will be a memory in my mind forever.

The End

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