School of Power

     Kitty took a deep breath and strode into school. She tried to look confident but inside she was shaking like a leaf. This wasn’t any old school; it was different, special maybe. After the accident everything had changed. Everyone discovered they could do new things, strange abilities they had, powers perhaps. That changed them; nothing was the same after that. That was a year ago, now you wouldn’t recognise any of them, they don’t even have the same names. They got nicknames, as they don’t always want to be identified. That had been very confusing at first. It had split the school into fractions and at times it gets so tense that it feels like a war will break out. But somehow, so far, they had managed to keep it under control.

     Clutching her bag straps tight, she walked across the school towards the top of the stairs where her friends meet. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Roxas staring daggers at her with his minions surrounding him. She tried her best to ignore him and quickened her pace. Only just avoiding Hands, who raised his eyebrows but said nothing, she weaved her way through the crowd. Myra noticed her and waved her over. When she managed to get there even the boys came over to meet her, which was quite unusual.

     Myra wasted no time in telling her what had been going on. It had been tenser than normal between the fractions and just before Kitty had arrived Blud (One of Roxas’s mates) had threatened the boys. That was never happened before. They were shocked and didn’t know how to react to it.

       ‘What should we do? We can’t just ignore it, but we can’t risk into a fight with them either’ Myra asked.

     ‘Tough call, I don’t know, but we have more important things to deal with first’ a voice answered her. They instantly recognised the voice. It was Midnight Star, a girl who hadn’t been seen since the accident. Myra smiled and turned to the empty space behind her.

     ‘I wondered if you were listening. How long have you been there? So what’s the big deal, Star?’ A laugh came from the empty space.

     ‘Just long enough to know what’s going on. Anyway, you’ve got 50, well 49, FG6 version 2 droids coming your way.’ Star informed them.

     ‘Easy! What’s all the fuss about? We’ll trounce them!’ Spike commented, who had just appeared behind Kitty.

     ‘I know, but something seems wrong. It just seems too easy. I’m probably wrong; I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. Be careful’

     ‘What could it be?’ Kitty asked nervously.

     ‘Simple answer, I don’t know. I came to warn you about the droids first. I listened to your dilemma first though and by now the radars will start to pick them up. In fact the alarm should…’ A loud siren belting out throughout the school interrupted her. ‘…Be going off any minute now. But Kitty would you mind healing me first please. I got hit by a stray laser’ Star added quietly.

    Kitty smiled, ‘Sure, but how did it happen? Why were they even firing?’ There was a long pause. Kitty felt a wrist in her hand, but she knew when she looked she would see nothing there.

     ‘You don’t want to know, I was bored so I sort of, accidentally, decided it would be fun to try and hitch a ride on a droid’ she told her so quietly it was barely audible.

     Kitty sighed, ‘And…’

     ‘It isn’t fun. It’s uncomfortable, hard to stay on and it didn’t work. It went wrong and a stray laser hit me. It was total chance, of course, but it still hurts.’

     Kitty shook he head but still healed Star. Midnight Star was actually one of the oldest out of their group but from the things she did out of boredom you couldn’t tell.

     Kitty felt Star slide out of her hand and heard a brief thanks and bye. Then Kitty was alone. The others had gone out to join the fight but she wasn’t much of a fighter. Still there probably were some casualties, even in an easy fight like this; some idiot will do something stupid. She walked slowly in the vague direction of the fight and she soon discovered she was right.

     But something was wrong; there were way too many casualties. Running up to help she could see they weren’t the usual idiots either. What was going on? She asked the first person she came to who simply pointed to the window and told her to look for herself. She dashed over to the window and couldn’t believe what she saw.

     It was total chaos. A storm surrounded the school but it was like no storm she had ever seen before. Where had it come from? It had been fine when she came in. A flash of red light illuminated the sky for a moment before fading into darkness. Then another and another. Mysterious red lightning streaked down the sky from the heavens above. A blanket of rain covered her vision making it almost impossible to see anything out there. She caught glimpses of people trying to find their way out there before the storm swallowed them up again. The droids it seemed were taking full advantage of it, they just appeared out of the rain and were shooting everyone before they had chance to react. One by one everyone was trudging back inside. They had to do something.

      Myra was way ahead of her. She was already attempting to rally people up. Roxas was one of the first to come over. Despite their rivalry they had already saved each other many times as it was a different world on the battlefield, nothing was the same. But this did not change anything out of the battle. Asteroid, one of the older girls, reserved Brandy and blue-haired Flow also came over.

     “Hey, you lot! You might want to hear this” Star’s voice called to them “This storm is certainly not natural and it’s centred completely on the school. I mean go out of the school gates and the weather’s absolutely fine. There’s something in the centre of the storm creating it. You need to destroy that. It was meant to help the droids, we think, but they wouldn’t be able to come up with this on their own. We’re pretty sure there’s some big brain behind this. That’s not all either: the rain is not water. Link is doing tests on it to find out what it is but we’re certain it’s not H2O.”

     “What is it then? Is it dangerous?” Myra asked.

     “Maybe it burns the skin or it might turn everyone it touches into hideous monsters or it might be poison or makes all your hair fall out,” Brandy suggested.

      “I don’t know. I’ll tell you when we know. I doubt it burns the skin, as loads of people are drenched already. If it turns everyone into monsters, we’re all doomed. I don’t know. I just don’t suggest you drink it. Okay? Now think of something and get those droids!” Star answered them and then she was gone.

      “Hey, I’ve got an idea, everyone pay attention” Myra told them. A bit later after going through the plan several times so they all understood. They finally agreed and set off. “Brandy, we need a bubble now” Myra let him know. He nodded and raised his hands creating an invisible shield around them, “Good work” she complimented him “Alright, here we go!” The group moved outside into the dreadful storm. The rain whipped at Brandy’s bubble and the wind blew hard, sending gravel flying at them but Brandy stayed strong. Bit by bit they edged forward into the heart of the storm.

     The closer they got the more it seemed the storm was trying to get them, blood red lightning struck them three times and rain had turned to hard hail the size of tennis balls. Gale force winds threatened to blow them away. By now it was clear Brandy was struggling. They met a couple of droids along the way who tried to shoot them but the druids didn’t count on Brandy’s shield protecting them. They destroyed each droid they came across one way or another. Everyone joined in the struggle to make it. One step at a time, they closed in on the elusive thing making this unnatural storm. 

     When they eventually caught sight of it through the rain it was almost unbelievable. This thing, a creature maybe, appeared to be floating in midair in front of them. Two slits of light glared out from it, almost as if it was watching them, and many strange, long, black arms shot out from it in all directions. The fog was so thick around it though; it was like they could cut it with a knife. All they could make out was a strange silhouette. As they got closer they could hear the weird buzzing and screeching sound coming from it. The unmistakeable smell of burning seeped up their noses, a horrible taste filled their mouths and the moist air became freezing making them all shiver. Still they battled on through the worst weather that it chucked at them. When they eventually saw it clearly through the fog they got a massive shock.

     ‘It’s a little girl’ gasped Roxas as they gazed at the thing creating the storm. It was a small girl strapped into a strange machine that made the illusion that she had many arms. Her eyes glowed yellow and she was clearly in pain. She spotted them and the machine on her back trebled it’s efforts to get them.

     But as it attacked them, they heard a weak whisper from the girl, ‘H-help me, I can’t control it, I can’t stop it. I’m s-sorry.’

     ‘We have to get the machine of her back!’ Myra took control, ‘Asteroid, Jingo, Flow, you know what to do.’ They nodded and prepared to do what must be done.

     When they were ready they signalled Brandy to lower the shield and set to work. They separated in all directions dodging lightning and whatever else came raining down on them. Roxas sent fireballs flying at the machine between getting out of the way of lightning. They hit it directly and set it on fire but were weakened by the rain, which soon put out the fire. When it began to go after him, Asteroid distracted it by sending the tennis ball-sized hail hurtling at it.  That exposed a few wires but that didn’t even slow it down. Flow came to her aid by sending jets of high-pressure water shooting at it, that made the exposed wires spark but still it kept on coming. It’s long arms stretched out making them run for cover, while a lightning bolt singed Flow’s long blue hair as she narrowly avoided it. Asteroid made the massive hail bounce back at the machine just before it battered Roxas, Myra signalled for them to come together behind Brandy’s shield.

     ‘It looks like it’s time for plan B, anybody got one? No. Okay, I’m not sure but I think I’ve got one. Although saying that, I’m open to debate. Listen up then, here’s my idea . . .’ Myra explained her plan ‘Does that makes sense? So, we’re all happy with it? Well, we’ve got no other ideas so; we’ve just got to hope this works. Ready? Good luck, we’ll need it.’ This time they didn’t split up, they stayed together inside Brandy’s bubble and moved forward together, only when they were really close did they make their move. On Myra’s command Brandy lowered the shield and they unleashed their fury. Fireballs, jets of icy water, and hundreds of hailstones attacked the machine all at once. The machine couldn’t take it, it began giving off black smoke and it’s lights flashed red.

     ‘It’s gonna to explode!’ Flow shouted, ‘we’ve gotta save the girl!’ Myra was already racing through the storm, which had gone crazy with all possible weathers all happening at once. She reached the girl and began attempting to tear her out of the wires attaching her from the machine. But the wires held firm and the harder Myra tried to get her out, the tighter the wires seemed to get. She was running out of time, she had to do something now.

     ‘Close your eyes’ Myra commanded the girl, who quickly obeyed. The girl, even with her eyes tightly shut could see the flash of impossibly bright light. When Myra told her it was safe to open her eyes she found the wires had disintegrated around her. A slightly out of breath Myra looked at her ‘The machine is still going to explode’ Myra panted, ‘We need to get out of here!’ Supporting each other they raced away from the remains of the machine, joining the others, together they sprinted towards the school as the machine finally blew up in a spectacular fashion behind them. They looked back at the chaos and destruction where they had been only moments before knowing they had won.

     They walked inside laughing and joking with each other. They were met with a cheer from their friends. Kitty whizzed round the group making sure everyone was fine and healing anyone that needed it. Star’s voice congratulated them and informed them that the rain wasn’t harmful to touch but would make you sick if you drank it. Also it seemed very good for plants. The girl, whose name was Thunder, had a massive group around her with everyone curious about her. Myra approached Roxas, who left his mates to talk to her.

     ‘Thanks for your help out there’ She told him.

     He laughed, ‘You weren’t half bad yourself’

     Myra sighed, ‘So, I suppose it’s back to normal now.’ She looked down at the floor.

     ‘I guess so’ He quietly agreed.

     ‘Hey, just one more thing, what’s the big deal with Blud threatening our lot?’ She added quickly.

      ‘He what? I told him not to. Listen, I’m so sorry, he does things without thinking. Um, how about a truce? I’ll stop him and the rest bothering you as long as you leave us alone too. If you do something I’m not sure I could stop them. Please?’

     ‘That sounds fair enough. Why not? It’s a truce.’ Myra agreed and they shook hands. ‘Um, you can let go of my hand now.’ Roxas suddenly let go and blushed bright red. Myra just laughed at that. ‘Do you um, it would be nice to, I mean do you want to meet up some time and do something? Preferably not fight monsters. Get to know each other maybe?’

      ‘Oh, um, yeah, sure, I’d like that.’ He answered, not sure what to say, still as red as a tomato. ‘So, see you around then? Bye.’ Myra quickly bent over kissed Roxas on the cheek and ran back to her friends, leaving Roxas standing there stunned.

The End

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