Recovering My Senses

Taste was the first sense that came to me. I tasted blood. My own I realised. Then sight, I was in a dazzlingly bright and light room. I could see nurses hurrying around, but couldn’t hear anything. Why do they have nurses in an underground lab, I thought. I twisted my neck and looked out of a window. How can they have windows? Then sound returned at last.

‘Mr Buckley? Can I get you anything?’ asked a rather faint voice.

‘Wh-where am I?’ I replied.   

‘The hospital. Your friends pulled you from the school grounds and phoned us. You’re parents are on the way,’ she answered. I fainted.

‘Where is my bag?’ I demanded when I woke up. She leaned over and picked it up. I rifled through it, nearly throwing out my school stuff. I finally found the book. I looked at the front cover to find it was a deep red, bordered by decorative gold.  I read the first page. It just went straight over my head. I kept reading, though, just to keep my mind off things.

Two men in fluorescent jackets walked into the room, one with a notepad in one hand and a black biro in the other. They sat down in the comfy leather chairs and bombarded me with a stream of questions. I answered them patiently, until I started to get drowsy and yawned. The nurse then ushered them out and Mum and Dad came in and started hushing me.

‘They’ve arrested the teachers. Don’t worry, they have also taken the things that had been their experiments. There is no more underground lab. Forget about it, this has just been a bad dream. Sleep, Mark,’

The End

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