The Question

‘What did I miss?’ asked a groggy voice. I looked towards the person and found it was Elliot. We sighed grimly and George started to explain. When he had finished, I asked the killer question.

‘Who goes in?’ silence filled the air; then people were all looking at me as if it was the stupidest question ever.

 ‘OK. One suit down, three to go. I suggest George, as he found the third bit. Elliot as well, because if I hadn’t knocked him out, I wouldn’t have known the voice command,’ everyone agreed on those two, but then started arguing between themselves who should go.

Finally, George came and whispered in my ear. I nodded with approval of who he suggested.

‘We have decided upon-’ the room went silent as a graveyard as soon as I said those words. I looked at the searching faces, flickering lights of hope in their eyes. I had to disappoint them, even if I didn’t want to. ‘Adam,’ the room then became filled with the sound of angry muttering. We ignored them and started towards the room, where we pulled the suits on over our clothes. Elliot pushed a button and the door closed. We all turned on our air tanks as the door closed. A faint hiss, barely audible through the thick helmets, told us that the air was being pumped out of the room. When the hissing stopped, the door behind us opened. I looked around and stared, horrified at what I saw…

There were tables, thousands of them, in a room larger than the other one. Upon each table stood a tank, inside which was a transparent green liquid. That was not unusual in sci-fi films, but this wasn’t sci-fi, or a film. That was unnerving, but was what had me horrified and filled me to the brim with boiling; bubbling and flaming anger was what was in the liquid.

‘What are they?’ asked George, his voice now full of sorrow.

‘I think those are the mutants, George,’ replied Elliot dryly, but his eyes showed the same feeling as George’s tone. He started to wonder around, examining the mutants.

 There were things with ten eyes, more with two heads, but the one that caught my eyes had a rather pointed snout, lizard like eyes, four wings (two from the shoulders and two just below) and a tail. It also had flat red scales all over it’s back, whilst it’s stomach was a pale cream and looked soft. I noticed something on the table, something like a notebook. The front read:

Mutant No. 26

Record Book

Intrigued, I opened it to the centre. I found an entry of what had happened to a child! They had experimented upon it.

Day 40, 25th June 2006

Today the child, Elena, rapidly evolved wings after taking another dose of our new formula. We had made it to give it two wings, but we landed up with four, two from the shoulders and the others just below. This is an incredible turn of events; because all specimens we have tried to evolve wings for have just wasted away in their preservation, despite the liquid gel. This one is very resilient and Mr Hartley should be pleased of his new formula, for this has made playing god easier for us. I think it is time we tried it on one of the pupils, perhaps one of the talkative ones. This must be reported quickly.

 Mrs Johnson,

End of entry.

I flicked through the rest of the pages, but there were no more. I sighed. Yes, this must be reported. 

The End

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