Aronis Nach... Wth?!

‘Aronis Nach!’ I yelled, not knowing the meaning. It just erupted out of my mouth like Mt. Vesuvius. Annoyed at myself for speaking gibberish, I sprinted down the corridor. Damned corridor! I thought as I careered down it. I crashed into the door with my shoulder and I heard an ominous crack as a white fire of pain flowed down my arm.

My vision shifted. I saw blood. A giant pool of blood was seeping from a body. But not Elliot’s. A hairy form lay on the floor, whimpering quietly. Elliot, to my surprise, was standing up, but winced whenever he moved.

A wry smile split his face, but he regretted it when he had. When I asked what happened, he just shrugged and said it had just toppled over, bleeding. I hurried through the door and made my way to the stairs again. I had a strange bout of déjà vu. I got to the first floor and found nothing waiting there for me, so I proceeded to the Rm. 29, where I had seen the hunched person and the other.

I smelt rotted flesh and saw shiny, grey-green skin through the pane of glass in the door. I shuddered; then felt a warm, friendly hand on my shoulder. I looked back to see the other children who had been helping out that night. I sighed contentedly when I saw familiar faces in the crowd. They started walking away and some started beckoning. I got off my legs, realising they ached like nothing I’d ever felt before. They led me to the Science Prep Room that was on the other side of the corridor. I’d seen enough of it to k now that we would not all fit inside. Then, when we entered, the others weren’t in sight.

‘Where are they?’ I asked George, one of my best mates.

‘Wait and see. You’ll like this,’ he replied, his voice full of mystery. He walked over to one of the racks and grabbed one edge. He started pulling and I thought he was just going to pull it over. What happened instead was amazing. The wall parted and I saw a hidden lift. We entered it and one of the other kids pushed the only button, Down. The lift jerked to a slow, crawling movement. I crouched in a corner. I’d never liked lifts. Then, as soon as suddenly as it started, it had stopped. The door opened and a medicinal smell was the first thing I noticed. Then I saw rows and rows of what looked like operating tables; the noise of things that shouldn’t exist. George walked right into the centre of the room and then turned around with arms spread in welcome.

The End

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