Returning to Hell

‘Come on, you prat! Wake up! We have to move. I thought of something. What happened to the parents and the other children?’ trust Elliot to come up with the one thing that would include going back inside.  

‘No, no, no, NO!’ I mumbled until I yelled it. But he had done it, made me feel guilty.

‘If I die, you’re going to pay,’ I mumbled. He just shook his head and laughed quietly. With no torch (it had smashed when I fainted, I think) we made our way towards the block. Towards the things. Stumbling with fatigue, I made the lead blocks that were my feet drag me along behind El. Faint lights, like candles, danced behind the blinds of the science room. I saw two silhouettes enter the view. One had it’s head bowed and back hunched, whilst the other looked down at it. Filled with hatred, I pushed myself further than before, soon taking over Elliot, fatigue or not. I heard him whisper my name, faint on the skin piercing breeze. I got to the doors and heard low mumbles. Another spider ran across the door, a mouse, no a rat, ran over my trainers. My body went tense and rigid. Someone walked over my grave (a shiver went down my spine) and I picked up a piece of wood. Quick footsteps came behind me.

‘Mark-’ I heard, before I swung around with the wood. It connected with a sickening thud. I looked down and saw Elliot lying on the floor, bleeding. Shocked, I ripped off part of my jumper that was hanging around my waist. I tied the strip around his head, applying pressure. I felt the blood soaking into the material. Feeling sick, I grabbed my wood again and went back into the courtyard. I found the other door, the smaller one that led to the small corridor with lockers in it. As there was no-one there, I tried to quietly open the door, but it squeaked, probably no louder than a mouse, but it sounded like echoing thunder.

Footsteps. I ducked into an open locker that had had the centre removed so it was just one big locker. I shut the doors as well as I could, but it was hard. I saw grey-green flesh, glimmering like gems in a sickly pale light. A smell like rotten chicken pierced my nostrils, stinging them like a wasp would sting your hand. My heart was a cheetah, racing like a headless chicken inside my ribcage.

The zombie (I realised only a zombie could look like that) returned, obviously not the brightest monster ever. It had just about reached the main corridor when I jumped out and clobbered it around the head with my wood. It fell forward and landed awkwardly. I legged it to the stairs at the far end of the corridor. Lunging up them three at a time, I almost collided with the wall at the halfway landing.

I met another beast. It was the height of a man, walked on two legs, but had jet black fur and a wolf-like snout. I yelped; then backed up against the railing. Madness took over and I climbed onto the railing, I jumped back. Surprisingly, I landed on the halfway landing without breaking any bones. I then jumped onto the corridor floor, between a cupboard and the bottom of the stairs. Furious, the werewolf hurtled down the stairs, like a cat out of hell. It sniffed, then, for some reason, almost flew down the corridor. I shuffled as quietly as I could so I could see the corridor. The doors were just shutting, letting in a current of freezing air. I thought why it would go that way and then I remembered. Elliot!

The End

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