An Escape

The window! I remembered it, but I didn’t know how I could have forgotten. I lurched forward and leapt head first, towards the window. I had never been good at P.E, but I found I had actually jumped into the courtyard that was outside the classroom. I was breathing hard, my eyes darting around the small space. I heard panicking footsteps running towards me, but I couldn’t see anything until I’d shaken the torch. By that time, the person had come around the corner and was running strait for me.

‘Elliot? What the heck are you doing out here?’ I queried when I recognised my friends face, albeit a bit paler than usual.

‘What does it look like, you idiot. Come on!’ he yelled as he dashed past me, reaching a hand out and grabbing me, his momentum carrying me after him. I ran after him when he let go, but tired quickly, soon falling behind. I saw him racing towards the sports hall, of which he unceremoniously kicked the changing room door open so we could get in. Remembering what I saw in Rm. 3, I quickened my pace to a jog. I reached the room and saw him leaning onto the wall.

‘Sorry ‘bout that. I saw somethin’. Somethin’ weird. I was comin’ out of the Science Block to see where the heck you were. “El, I’ll just be five minutes. Forgot my bag. See ya in a min’. What a load of, well, you know. Well, I was comin’ out of the block when I heard slow, stumblin’ footsteps. Looked ‘round, only to see all these people were walkin’ towards me, arms outstretched and mumblin’. I ran for it and found you. Something weird is happening here,’ he stopped and breathed. I scanned the walls and doors for anything strange, but found nothing but a tiny money spider heading for an even tinier fly. Then I heard an owl. I was drowsy by now, and sank onto the bench, just trying to conserve energy. I yawned. My torch went. Typical. Just when I feel I need light, it’s the only thing I can’t get. Unless- No. That would just draw the things. Then I just went. Fainted with mental exhaustion… 

The End

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