School of many talentsMature

Katerina is a special girl. She can control and manipulate the air around her! She can also turn herself into a magnificent Cheeta and can heal anyone that is injured!

These talents are all that is needed to get into the school of talents and extraordinary children. Katerina and her friends just want to get through school and get there graduation but trouble awaits them this year. Is there talents and loyalty enough to get tem through the school alive and together?

Bring bring. Groaning I got up. Opening my eyes I looked at the small blue analogue clock on top of my bathroom door. Shit! I thought to myself as I saw it was 7:50am. I have ten minutes to get washed, dressed and hair done. I jumped out of my four poster double bed and ran to my bathroom. I swung open the door and sprinted to the sink, I splashed cold water on my face, bolted out the room and over to my chest of drawers and threw my school uniform on. I ran a brush through my hair and looked back at the clock. 7:58am. I ran over to the door, opened it, and squished out. Just as the Warden came to check we were all ready. I sighed in relief as her sharp green eyes saw me standing waiting. To my left I heard one of my friends hide a snogger with a sudden coughing fit. "room check" the Warden told us entering the first room. Ebola, who's room it belonged to, smiled proudly as the Warden came out looking satisfied. I groaned again as I knew my room was a mess. I hadn't had time to make my bed or put my jam us away. Sophia was next. The Warden came out smiling. Going diagonal into Sarahs room she came out frowning. "that is not spotless. You have until tomorrow." She told her. Sarah nodded obediently. Coming out of Daisys room she gave her a bright red slip. "That is a disappointment." The Warden said. She then moved over to my room. I tried to think of an excuse, a way to slow her down. None came. To my left I saw Cecelia grinnin to herself. I knew she had guessed. "you're in deep shit" she mouthed to me as Warden went in. I counted down. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. "katerina? Get in here right now. This is a state. How dare you leave your room like this" I winced at the anger in her voice and turned to enter my room. "Sorry Warden but I had-" I tried to explain before she interrupted me. "None of the excuses I am sick of them" She yelled. "fine. What do I have to do" I asked resigned. "you have to wake the fifth former boys. Without any help" The Warden told me. My guts clenched as I remembered how black and blue Sarah was when she came back last week. "okay. Fine" I said surprisingly calm.
The End

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