Durriken: Beginning

Name: Durriken Bavol

Type of Magic: Witchcraft

Appearance: Green hair with a pink headband, Dark brown eyes.

Personality: Careless, Rushes into things without thinking. Can be quite intelligent when puts mind to it.

Kiyomon: Neko (cat)

Classes: Creating spells, Offense spells and Healing spells.

Durriken has always been careless, he often rushes things or he won't do them. If he does work at a slow pace, he will get frustrated and will most likely quit. If he does work at his pace, he will have it done in no time at all. He is really good at making and keeping friends. Durriken is an only child and loves to have friends over but when he enrolled at the School of Magic he had no friends and he had to stay at the school until he graduated, but if he chose too, he could stay until he was ready to leave.

He is on his first year out of 12 years. Yes 12! Because Magic is hard to learn, 7 years wouldn't be enough. Durriken is about to go to his first class, Offense class! let's hope he does good.

The End

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