School of Magic!

In the School of Magic you get to make your own character! But only one per person!

Hi! In the School of Magic, you will begin your classes with magic. Here at the School of Magic, you can make your own character! It will get to choose it's own classes (from the classes that have been provided) and you will get to name him/her.

Here is how the Character process will go:

Name: Julien

Type of magic: (Healing, Witchcraft, or Element) Element

Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Hazel eyes, and a left ear piercing.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Will joke around in a serious place.

Kiyomon: Dragon, Bat, Etc.

This will be one of the character's. He is not the main character that I will be using but he will have an important part. The type of magic is if you pick Healing you will learn spells like Cure or Vitality. If you pick Witchcraft you can enchant spells that may seem like jibberish but is actually a language witches and wizards used long ago. If you pick Element, you can turn a simple rock into a huge boulder to fend of monsters or you can make yourself immune to fire or freeze enemies.

The classes here at the School of Magic range from:

Accuracy spells, Healing spells, Offense spells, Defense spells, and Creating spells.

You can only pick 3 but the ones you choose are the ones you stick with. you cannot change them and they will choose your destiny.

Hope you enjoy the School of Magic!

The End

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