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She was missing some parts out her and Alec yer there was something going on there. No doubt we're find out soon enough I smiled to myself.

"How was your training with Labara?" Fey suddenly asks.

"It was okay.... feel a little sore" I muttered. I've got to ask her about that drink. Maybe if I look it up or something, but where would I start? Larissa might know something about it. I could ask her to point me in the right direction. As we walk down the hallway to our room, people stop and star at us. So everyone knew about me and Mel's little Barbie dolls and how I snapped again. Ugh!

When we got to our room we both sit on my bed as it was the closes to Larissa's. She came in herself not long after us. Her face showing a mixture of emotions. Wait wasn't she seeing that Olly tonight? I quickly reached into her mind, then I seen it. They kissed! O'my god. This was getting out of hand now.

Larissa sat her bed facing us, I could feel her nevus rolling off her body as she told us about her dream/ vision. When she had finished telling us about the dream/vision she took a deep breath, waiting for me and Fay to say something. We were both speechless. The way she told us, it seemed more like a vision then a dream. But who was this man? And why would he want to kill her?

"Have you had anything like this before?" I asked finally breaking the forming silence.

"Not like this. I've never had one about this man before." She said I quite voice.

"We need to tell someone, Larissa someone might be trying to kill you or worse. He could come after all of us." Fey told her.

"I don't know. Look, I'm tired I need to sleep. Hopefully I won't have it again."

We started to get ready for bed, when we did turn the lights off Fey was asleep in seconds. But I could still tell that Larissa was still awake.

"You got to tell us you know. If you see anything again. No matter how small Larissa." I whisper to her.

"Thanks' Ronnie." She yawed and soon enough I was asleep. But it didn't seem like 5 minutes until I heard someone gasping in their sleep. Larissa wasn't having a good night again. I scrambled out of bed and went over to her trying to clam her down.

"Shh. Larissa, it's ok. Shh." I whispered to her stroking her long blonde hair that clung to her neck. She drifted back off to sleep light snoring sounds came from both her and Fey. Now I was wide awake. It was nearly time for sunrise and seen as though I was up I decided to go outside and welcome the morning. I didn't bother writing a note for the girls, I would be back by then wanting to know if Larissa saw anything.

The school was soo quite and peaceful. I was sitting on a bench in the schools gardens looking up at the clear morning sky.

"Morning Ronnie." A voice called out making me jump. I turned round to see Brady walking over to me. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"No it's ok. Morning Brady. What brings you here?" I asked him. Brady sits next to me smelly beautifully.

"I wanted to catch you before lessons started." He simply said looking into my aqua eyes.

"Really what's tha"-

Suddenly my mouth was a little bit busy to carry on. His lips pressed softly on my own. I responded and my hands went behind his neck and my figures went into his short blonde curls. His hands slide around my waist, pulling me closer to him. When are lips did finally break away we were both gasping for air looking into each others eyes.

"I wanted to finish what we started last night Ronnie." He told me, his figure tracing my jaw line.




The End

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