I felt restless after Fey and Alec left me in the dining hall.  I knew I had my 'date' with Olly, so cleared my tray away and headed out to meet him.  He was waiting just where he said he would be.  My heart jumped slightly when I saw him.

'I thought you weren't coming.'  He held out his hand and I nervously took it.

'As if I would stand you up.'  We walked off towards my favourite spot by the tree in the small courtyard.

'This is a great place to see the stars.'  He gave me a leg up and I started climing the tree.  I could hear him following me and when I reached the top I moved over so he could stand mext to me.

'Wow,' I breathed as I saw the galaxy of stars above me.  It seemed that if I reached out I could almost touch them.

'It is isn't it.'  Olly's hand was gently pressing against my lower back.  I felt shivers going up my spine where his warm hand touched my shirt.  I looked at him, letting the moment wash over me I pressed my lips against his.  His arms held me firmly asd we balanced on our branch at the top of the tree.  As he pulled away a thought suddenly appeared in my head.

'Oh God!'

'I didn't think it was that bad,' Olly joked.

'No it's not that, there is somewhere I need to be.  Do you mind?'

'Of course not.  I'll see you later.'  I smiled as I began my descent.  As soon as my feet were firmly on the ground I ran back towards our room.  When I got there Fey and Ronnie were waiting and I sat on my bed facing them.

'OK then.  Are you ready?'  They both nodded.  'I need to tell you something, about my dream.'  I suddenly felt very nervous.  'My family have been known to have visions, no-one knows how or why, we just do.  In my dream there was a man.  He tried to kill me.'  I put my hand up to stop them from interrupting before I had finished.  'I don't know if it means anything but it felt like a vision.  I'm scared what I dreamt is going to happen.'  I took a deep breath and waited for their response.

The End

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