I get up again in the middle of the night, I hurt all over but most of my wounds have sealed. My feet fall lightly on the floor. I don't like it here, it seems dark. The shadows seemed to be whispering secrets. It was obviously paranoia and I was afriad my sanity was going to be lost. I tried to ignore the muttering of the shadows. I could swear they where plotting. I get outside the nursing hall. Quietly staggering through empty moonlit halls. The gossip , and stressing had all disapeared leaving only the shadows to stalk the halls, spreading evil.

" Stop it." I mutter covering my ears, still hearing the whispering.

I look my hands they looked normal, I blink they are covered in blood, I blink agian it is gone. My mind flashes blankness pain shooting through my body I step forward to confinscate my balance. I couldn't figure what was happening to me. The whispering stopped. I looked at down the hall without worrying about the shadows anylonger. I felt stronger, I felt indestructible.  On my cheek I felt like I was getting electrocuted. I brush my cheek my fingers feel blood. I can't be going insane.

I reach my room staggering through the halls managing to go undetected, before I crawl into my own bed I look myself in the mirror not seeing my own face.It was blood stained and  a dark mist growing inside the skin. I look at my hands again they are covered in blood.

" No, I couldn't have."  I say in anguish.

The End

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