So so sorryMature


"I'm so so sorry, Ronnie" I say for the fith time.

"Its okay" she says waving it off. Its obviousely not, I mean that would have been her first kiss.

Wait! How do I know this? Crap, I'm searching through her mind. I pull back... well, thats what I try to do and I think I succeed but how am I suppose to know?

"Why were you in such a hurry though?" Ronnie asks looking across at me. We're heading for our room and its a while till we reach it.

"Umm" The memory of Alec pressing his lips softly on mine flashes back and I shake my head.

I can't feel that way about him. He's not the type of guy I would go for...... so why did my heart race so fast when he kissed me? Why do I now have buterflys in my stomach everytime I think of him?

"Fey" Ronnie's voice pulls me out of my day dreaming and back to reality.

"Oh, um sorry.... I was getting some books.... Alec went with me and I wanted to get back to the room" I say making up a reason out of truth but not telling the whole truth.

"How was your training with Labara?" I ask.

"It was okay.... feel a little sore" Ronnie mutters. Its like she goes into deep thought then cause she completely goes silent.

I know some people are watching us as we go down the hall which makes me feel uncomfortable.

Then we reach our room. I pull out the key and open the door letting Ronnie past. We go in to find Larissa waiting.

"Um, hey... maybe you guys should sit down" she mutters. Me and Ronnie sit on her bed then Larissa sits on her own opposite.

"So? Whats going on?" Ronnie asks.

The End

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