I started to laugh as Mel is getting over her shock. She gives me a dirty look. That's it!

"What? Got a problem Mel?" She looked at her mates, all their faces are the same, they look scared. "Go on then. You were acting all big a while back. Go on. Say what you really think Mel." I'm using one of my powers to make her say. "You're a biatch! A total freak and you should die just like the rest of your family!" She blurts out, her hands go straight over her mouth.

My eyes narrowed. I'm now controlling her mates, turning them against her. The move her into a corner and started to beat her up. I smile. "Next time, watch out what you think of around me." I laugh and move past the crowd. They move away from me fast, not wanting to get in my way.

I smile at them evilly. Oh, I do love having GG in my family. Everyone fears me, the first years don't really know what's going on but they know I'm not to be messed with. I wink at a group of first year guys. A couple wink back. I laugh and walk off.

The End

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