'That does it'.Mature


"So did Labara kick you arse Night girl?" Someone shrieked to me in the corridor. I turned to see a group of girls crowed outside one of the class rooms.

"Labara bird probably tired her out. Labara only had to touch her with her finger and she was probably down." Another said running her fingers though her brown hair.

I stop where I was, facing the girls. They looked about 15 or 16. All wearing far too much make-up. They all giggle like 4year olds. Usually I would have walked away and forgot about them. But I didn't want to. I wanted to rub that laughing smile right off their too perfect faces.

"What's wrong Night? You going to get your daddy and mummy on us." They joked.   

My body went stiff and arched forward slightly towards them. "I don't need them to defend me." I said though my gritted teeth.

"Yer, yer. You just think your it don't you? You and the Natural girl. Queens of the school." One of the girls stepping forward seeming to be the leader.

"And there other friend, the blonde one. Eyeing up my Olly." Another girl added standing next to her.

The ‘leader' took her eye off mine and turned to the other girl. "Will you get over that? He dump you like last spring."

"We didn't ask for this. Fey didn't even know she was a Natural till she came here." I told them.

"Whatever. I'll rather hurt you. Rumour is you haven't got your true powers yet. Just nosing in some people's heads." That touched a nerve I gasped. How did she know this about me? I could see her glancing at my puzzled look.

"It's who you know princess." She laughed and her group copied her.

I suddenly felt strange. I could taste that drink more strongly in my mouth. My eyes burned with pure range at this girl. Who did she think she was? Some jealous little kid. She was still laughing.

"You know, I wonder if you're really their daughter? Because there all powerful and your just not. Maybe you're just some random human who got mixed up at birth." She told me taking a few steps forward. We were face to face with each other. 

 "Worthless blood." She whispered. There was gasp in the air that didn't come from me.

That did it. I lunge at her then, my muscles in my hand locked around her throat. I slammed her up against the stone wall, she stopped smiling then. The laugher from her friends was erased, I was only to aware that there was a crowed gathered. But my eyes were locked on her frightened face.

"Don't you dare say that I'm not related to the Night family. I've got the blood of a Night. If you want to see my scar for proof, then fine." My voice sounded different. Like Labara's was before. Almost as if I was snarling at her.

"N.No. I.I.I beli...eve. Youuu." She whimpered out. My grip wasn't too hard but it was strong. Around her trembling body.

"Ronnie, let her go. Come on. Mel knows she crossed the line with you. Ronnie please before someone calls a teacher." I recognised Bradley soft voice close by. Then I felt a hand on my right shoulder, all at once I felt clam. I took my hand away from her throat and backed away. Bradley arm went across my shoulders and he led me away. He took me outside and sat me down on a bench.

The taste was gone from my mouth, my eyes felt heavy and my body relaxed. What just happened? I was taking deep breaths trying to clear my head. Bradley still had his arm around me.

"What. What was that?" I asked looking to his hazel brown eyes.

"The beginning part. When you first started talking back to Mel? I'm not sure." He even more confused then I was at that part. His hand went though his dark brown gelled hair, it looked really good when he did that. I sighed. "But I managed to get you away before you really did something bad."

It was harder to keep my eyes open and listen to him. Bradley could see that, he helped me up and took my hand.

"Thank you. For whatever it was you did." I told him still looking into his eyes.

Bradley lifted up my hand that he was holding, and kissed it.

"Anytime Ronnie." With his finger he traced my cheekbone. His touch made my skin burn. We were standing very close together, both of us were barely breathing. He moved his head down and at the same time I tilted my neck so I could reach his lips.

When suddenly bang! I was knocked to the ground and someone was on top of me in a heap. I gasped staggering to get up.

"O'my god I'm soo sorry. Ronnie. I didn't see, well did but. Sorry. Here let me help you up." Fey voice apologized to me. Bradley was already up and rubbing the back of his head. So much for first kiss. I thought. I let out a long sigh.             

The End

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