I watched Ronnie go then got up myself. "I need to fetch something" I mutter. Alec begins to get to his feet and I turn then glare at him. "I can go by myself. Its not that difficult"

"I didn't say you couldn't but for safety reasons I'm keeping you in my sight" Alec says then smiles.

"Larissa, sorry but I'll see you back at the room okay" I say then smile. Larissa nods then her faces goes into consentration.

"I need to talk to you and Ronnie. So be quick" Her thoughts shoot at me. Ow, that hurt..... but don't let them no. I nod then walk out of the dining hall Alec following.

"What do you need to fetch?" He asks.

"A book" I say calmly. "If I'm going to deal with all this I need to learn..... and fast"

"I could teach you..... and I know a lot more than a book" Alec says looking across at me.

"I think theres enough gossip going around about us without that adding too it" I hiss through my teeth.

Alec shrugs as we reach the libary. "What type of books are you looking for?" He asks. But I'm to bizzy gawking at the size of the place.

"Um, I need just stuff on Natural's and basic's" I mutter coming back to reality.

"This way" Alec says. He takes my hand and pulls me through the libary. Luckily no one's here but I cant help but just stare at Alec's hand gripping mine...... It feels..... nice.

No, I can't. I would be allowing tradition to win but...... why do I feel so comfortable?

"Here" Alec says pulling me up to a book case. He lets go of my hand and pulls down three books. Then he places them in my arms naming them. "Natural history. Basic Control. History of all Magic. All these books are updated frequantly by magic and are totally accurate"

I nod looking down at them. Now I feel so uncomfortable. Its strange. "I..... I should be getting back to my room" I mutter. "Do I check thes out?"

Alec nods and leads me to the Libarian who scans them out. As we turn the corner heading for the door I slide them all into my bag. "I'll see you later" I mutter then begin to head off.

Alec catches my wrist then spins me round. "Wait" He mutters. Then he does something unexpected. He kisses me lightly on the lips. I stand frozen for a second then turn and race out of the libary.

Trying to run away from what I just felt back there.

The End

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