Oi, would people stop playing with my mind?Mature


My head exploded the darkness turning to light, above me I see a blurry image of a girl with stawberry blond hair.

"Wake up Malcom!" Reverberrates in my head.   I didn't nearly have the will power to force her out of my mind.

" Would ya stop it hurts." I say weakely. 

" Well I'm surprised you can speak." The girl says leaving my mind. It stung like hell and for whatever reason her mind being in mine left something dark running through my memories they all flash before me.

A nurse walks out of her medical room. Her eyes wide to see mine open.

" Up already young man?" She says running over, " What happened to you?"   I really had a grip on what happened.

" My powers they went crazy........ The amount of pressure created to make it and what not ...... I think my body couldn't handle it." I say leaving the part out about the spirit. For whatever reason it didn't occure to me to talk about that lady or the spirit.

" That would explain. Take this and perhaps by tommorow you will be fine." She hands me a few pills. I take them and she leaves for another call from a patient. The girl from earlier still there.

" You didn't tell her everything." She said simply.

"  Don't think there is much she can do anyways. I'm guessing you can read minds as well as control. You must be that Rose kid everyone is saying to avoid."

" That would be me." She says

" Must suck, Huh?"

" Doesn't matter everyone here are weak anyways."

" I see."  the Darkness hits and the world become red distorted I could see peoples energy swirling around them. It made me feel sick. I begin to feel colder.

" Huh I wonder what Slee's master did to you. You don't come off evil. Yet your emmitting it like nothing."

" Who is Slee?"

" That spirit you met earlier today. Anyways your boring, and I think i'm allowed to go. " Rose says. walking off.

As she does my head starts to hurt a little less. My wound begin to beed like crazy however and The nurse freaks.

" Did you???" I stop her

" she did nothing, just those pills I think have blood thinning effects." I say cutting the nurse off before accsuing her of hurting me.

The End

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