Labara 1st LessonMature


When I did eventually make it to Labara place I was out of breath. My face was bright red, sweat dripped down my back. My curls flying everywhere, I really did need to pull it back for this lesson.

"You got some work ahead of you. I know that I'm teaching you at night, and your name Night. But really, I don't want to be out here all night." Labara tells me. She was sitting by one of the trees reading some book.

"Sorry. I. Just don't. Haven't raced. Many Hawks." I gasp to her. I finally manage to get my breathing under control to speck to her properly.

"So is this going to be a regular thing then?" I ask looking down at her.

She looks up from her book and meets be gaze smiling. "Well, I might have to drag you out of your lesson after lunch. Due to the fact that you run so slow."

"What, but that's music? Or something? " I questioned her. "I'm not that slow. I came like second in the long dissent last year at school."

"I don't care about that. Anyway, Fellini will come and see you when I am ready for you. Warm up you could call it. Be warned that could be anytime. Day or night." She told me, Labara put her book down and stood before me.

"Erm ok. So what we doing now?" I was feeling nervous all of a suddenly. I didn't know anything about this woman. She must have some strong fighting power or something. What does she see in me? Does she think I've got some magical power?

"Don't worry about hurting me, Night. Get ready." She tells me, talking a few steps back.

"Can you call me Ronnie? I prefer it." I copied her taking a few steps back too, so these even dissents between us. She lets out a short laugh then her face changes. Focus. Eyes on the prize I guess. Which meant me?

 "Are you going to redeem yourself from your shocking running skills?" Labara voice went along with the hard strong focus face that she was showing.

Ok, so I can do this.  Yer, if I wasn't already tired. I gritted my teeth breathing though my nose. I tired to get into fighting mode, but it was hard. I'd never hit a teacher before. The thought had crossed my mind though, like today in Mrs Sliver's class. I didn't feel any need to want to hit Labara. She looked young and strongly built. So it wasn't like I would feel bad for hitting her. She was staring at me with her hawk like eyes. I looked more closely at her, something about her eyes. Golden? Weren't they dark green? Then she made her move.

I didn't have time to react. One minute she was standing a few meters away from me. Then next she was close to my face, her golden hawk eyes inches from my own. Suddenly I was looking into the starry night, and then the pain came shooting around my body.

"Hmmm. Get ready." Labara looked down once at me then went back to the same position as before. I gasped completely stunned. I somehow managed to get to my feet. I couldn't see her, where she gone? Bang, crash, ouch!

I was on the ground again in a matter of seconds. How was she able to do this?

"Had enough yet?" Labara say's I could tell that she was smiling as she walked away from me. I got to my feet then without thinking about it I lunged at her unprotected back. Put just before I could touch her body, she spins round her smile still on he face. She grabs my hands, but my left foot kicks her. It wasn't hard enough to harm her though. Next thing I know, Labara has me pinned to the ground. She had her right knee on my chest, her hands holding my arms by my sides.

"Hmmm. Nice move needs some practice though. Knew you had the quality to be a good fighter. Now I've got something to work on." Labara appraise.

"Third time lucky?" I raise my eyebrows in wonder. I was soo close to having her.  

 "Yes Ronnie. Third time lucky. But if you were fighting in reality. You wouldn't even get a second chance. Remember that every move counts." She looks deeply in my eyes almost as she warning me about something. Maybe she is?

Labara helps me up and we walk back to the brick building.

"Here drink this; you need to keep you strength up. Also you need to work on you senses more." Labara hands me a glass, it was hard to make out the colour in the dark.

"What is?" I say in a puzzled voice still looking at the liquid in the glass.

"Don't worry about that. Just drink it. All of it." Labara intruded.

I sniffed it first, but I couldn't place the liquid. I've never smelt anything like it before.

"Down it in one, Ronnie. That's the best way to take it. For the first time that is." Labara encouraged.

I brought the glass to my lips, the dark liquid made its way down my throat. It was nothing like I've ever tasted before. It was sweet and thick. Something about it felt strange. I finished the liquid and gave the glass back to Labara. She looked pleased that I drunk the dark liquid.

"You can go now Ronnie. Remember anytime anywhere. So be ready, sometimes I might not send Fellini." She warned me.

"Goodnight" I told her and walked back to the main school. I could still taste  the liquid in my mouth. What was that?




The End

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