Nurses OfficeMature


I'm in the nurses office, I have to sort out her files and help her out with her duties just because I missed some stupid lessons. I'm swirling on the the chair, not really doing anything. The nurse ran out a while ago for some reason.

Suddenly the doors burst open. "Miss Stone, control this boy. Make him walk into the bed." I sigh and look at her, not doing anything. Her eyes are wide. "Now or you're out of this school!" I get to my feet and walk through the doors.

A guy from ther year below is being carried by some people in my year. He's got his eyes closed and blood is everywhere. I shake my head. My mind goes into his, controling his feet. I make him walk into the nearest bed. "Thankyou." Mrs Redbird said to me. I nod at the old nurse.

She goes over to the guy and xrays him, using her powers. She tutts and looks at me. "A few broken bones. How did this happen?" She asks the people who brought him in. "We don't know Miss. We just found him like this." I narrowmy eyes at they, making them leave without using my powers. I turn back to Mrs Redbird.

"His name is Malcome.He's in the first year." She shakes her head againand heads to her medicine room. I look down at Malcome and Ican feel something dark coming off of him. He's notevil, Iknow that but he has had something evil in him. I shake my head.

I know the spirit that was in him, Slee. is name wasn't Slee his name when he was alive but he founda misstress and she calls him that. I've spoke to him once or twice, the first time he was good but he has changed. I shake my head, bored with Malcome.

He doesn't do much. I smile a little and start to control his mind effortlessly. C'mon Malcome, it's time to wake up. His eyes burst open, full of shock the pain.

The End

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