Losing controlMature


 I get away from the fight , the Kid who told me that I didn't stand a chance smirked comfortably.

" Do you want to fight me? Huh?  I 'll mop the floor with you!" I growl.  The kid shrinks backwards.

I can't believe how poorly i'm acting m just constantly angry today.

" You alright there Mal?" Jacob asks kindly.

" Yeah I'm alright! Just extremely irratated!"  I say grumpily, " Ah ,screw this class, Im off!"  I kick the large wooden door wide open.

" I think I will talk to you later Malcom." Jacob says then returns to the class.

What was I expecting out of that fight? I wasn't expecting to win, so why am I so Angry?  I head outside and punch a boulder crushing probalby due to my powers.   I kick the smaller rock bits off into the forest. 

" I could just!" I stop seeing people watching my little spectacle. I run off to find a more isolated spot to figure myself out. I found a little open area full of rounded smooth granite bolders, the tree surrounding growing abnormally high it blocked out the mountian tops on the horizon. I jump high into the air the wind elevating my hieght then I stop and redirect the wind down accelerating me into the ground. I crash into the granite pile. Smoke surrounded me, my arm broken.

" That was freakin stupid!" I shout , not in pain but really at the sight of my arm dangling from my shoulder uselessly.  I calm down instantly.

" Ah all I can think I have to do is." I talk to my self as I bash my shoulder into the rock. I hear a snap the arm is dangling at a more sickening angle. 

" Aww crap!" I yell, note to self never injure self while skipping class.

Suddenly the pain becomes blinding my sight blackens then turns red. I feel my body tumble to the ground. I could feel all four  elements swirling around me violenty the water and fire meeting eachother creating steam and  the wind carrying the earth.  The energy used to do this all simentaineously is putting emmense stress on my body. My ribs where breaking from pressure.

" Such an amatuer, can't even do the simpilest tasks!"  I hear myself talk. 

"What the?"

"Shut it weakling. I'm just seeing whats would interest my misteress so much!"   I talk again.  The storm surrounding still roaring and ripping the ground to pieces.

" I don't get it your power is pretty standard, another elemental being, controls all four elements, is better with fire and windYou out put is a little above average, I'll give you that. But  you are weak, and so is your own knowledge of your abilities. I would think she would crush you like a bug if she ever crossed paths with you!"   The voice inside me sneers.

" Get out now!" I yell fighting my blindness standing up the intensity of the storm  increasing.   I could feel an odd feeling of darkness around me.

"Oh I see , now! Man your in for some pain!"  The voice cackles.

" Out! Now!" I yell my sight coming back the storm still increasing my body reaching its limits on pressure.  In a few places it begins to crack and blood begins to appear from variouse areas my body has broken.  I shoot backwards the storm calming down it began to rain , as all the water I put up into the air came back down. The flames burning the clouds in the sky away. I was exhausted, completely and utterly punched.

" Have fun while you still keep your sanity!"  The voice that once resided in me laughed now seeming to come from the air. 

" Wait! What  do you mean? Who is your mistress?" I ask desperately.

Above me appears a semi transparent figure wearing armour and had a long cloak covering its face , and arms.

" I guess I owe you one. I'll answere what do I mean. The process that takes place , to change you is most likely going to drive you insane. Only one other has survived the process without becoming insane. Now its time for me to go."  It disapears.

" Whats the process?" I yell and gain no response.  I lay there broken and bleeding for untellable amount of time. I get weaker each second as I loose blood. I'm confused, I finally figure if I don't find help soon, I could die. I get up the sun hovering above the horizon. The once tall trees that surround my area where now obliterated leaving a large open space surrounded by smaller distant trees.   I stumbe forwards, I was a lot weaker then I realized.  For what felt like an eternity I make it onto a school property trail. My legs buckle that was as far as they could carry me. The moon hovered directly above my head. The stars beautifully shining through the skys.   On the corners of my eye I see a dark tendril growing slowly taking over my sight.

" Is that? ........." A females voice says barely audible to me. 

"He is hurt.... He is to unstable to move get the Nurse!"  A male voice yells.

They don't sound to familiar , but I must thank them for finding me.  I lose sight of everthing as darkness fillls my eyes.

The End

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