We all sat around the table in the dinning hall, everyone lost in their own worlds. Then again so was I. What Rose had said in the music room was playing on my mind. ‘I don't think your parents will like it when their little princess goes around on a killing spree and then takes her own life'. I didn't understand any of it. Then the other part, ‘she won't. But I can always make her.'  That part I really didn't get. How could she make me? The thought came to me then.

"Alec, do you know what powers Rose has?" I asked him, he wasn't really at all surprised by my question.

"I don't know a great deal about her. Sorry. But just try and stay away from her." His face shown mixed emotions when he told me this, I couldn't read his mind. But I could tell that there was more to this. I let it go though, just this once.

We where still sitting in the dinning hall when suddenly a bird flew in. It circled the room and then landed on our table. It was a red tailed hawk with sharp looking crawls on its feet. It was looking straight at me and seemed to be a bit hesitant to put its right leg on the table.

"Nice to see you again Fellini, who's the message for." Alec greeted the hawk stroking it chest.

"Alec, nice to see you again. I see you finally got your other half, if you don't mind my saying so." The hawk spoke with such grace, just like a human. We were all staring at the hawk. Surly animals don't speck? Then again, at this school anything goes.

"My message is for Miss Veronica Night." The hawk drew its attention back to me. "Labara would like to see you for you first training section. And if I were you, I would start running now. I'll even give you a race."

"A race?" I questioned.

"Indeed, Labara wants' to see how you move. So come on. Nice to see you all." And the hawk flew off.

"Who was that?" Larissa and Fey asked together.

"That's Fellini. She sort of works for Labara. But there good friends. We don't actually know how she able to speck." Alec explained to us.

"Wow that cool. What's wrong with her right leg?" I asked.

"Damaged when she was learning to fly. No one being able to fix it for her. But she doesn't let it bother her. Anyway you better be going, she wasn't joking about the race. She is waiting for you at the end of the gardens." Alec told me.

"See you guys later then." I waved but then Larissa caught my hand.

"Need to speck to you and Fey. I'll wait until later when we are all in our room. It's better to explain it to you both together." Her thoughts were strong I could feel some sort of a connection between us. Then she took her hand away, blocking her mind again.

"Wow, Ronnie what's with your eyes? They just went really strange." Fey observed.

"Erm. I don't really know." I felt embarrassed I knew that my eyes liked to changed colour from time to time. Mostly they just went from aqua to purple. Then I heard an impatient cry of a bird. Ugh god! I was still feeling tried from last night lack of sleep. I really didn't need this right now. I said bye one lasted time then I walked to gardens to begin the ‘race'.

"Ready, then?" Fellini asked me a little too smug for my liking.

"I guess so. Always wanted to race a hawk at night." I told Fellini, she laughed which sounded soo strange coming from her golden yellow beck.

"On my call. Get ready." She says. "So Ronnie, think you can out run an old hawk?" Fellini suddenly asks. Before I can answer, Fellini swooped into the night sky.

I gasped, Cheat. I thought, then I started to run into the starry night.



The End

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