"Hey, Fey. I didn't see you playing anything in music?" Larissa whispers to me. I turn and look at her.

"Strange you notice since you were consentrating on playing" I say smiling. Classes have finished and we're heading for dinner.

"Can you play an instrument?" She asks. I blush remembering the contense of my bag which hangs at my hips.

My drawing equipment..... and my flute. "I can actually" I mutter.

"Why weren't you playing then?" Ronnie asks.

"Um...... I can't play with to much noise" I mutter looking down.

"We could go to the fountain and you could play there?" Alec surggest.

"Yeah, great idea. Lets go" Larissa says. They drag me to the fountain.... well I follow by myself but they may of as well dragged me.

When we got to the fountain we sat on the wall and I got my flute out. Its silver and has a swirl of gold going down to the end.

I sigh. Then slowly I begin to play. Its a sad/peaceful tune. I know the others are watching me but I have my eyes closed as I play getting lost in the music.

"Wow" Ronnie breaths when I've finished.

"You do have a good sense of music" Larissa whispers.

"Music and Drawing were the only things that kept me sane until I was adopted from the orphanage" I mutter.

Silence falls. "So you dont know your parents?" Ronnie whispers.

I shake my head and stand up. "We better be getting to lunch" I mutter then putting my flute carefully back in my bag I rush off not wanting them to see my tears.

"Fey" Alec runs up grabbing my wrist and spinning me round to see my tears.

"Just leave me alone" I mutter pulling my arms from his grasp and wiping away my tears.

I hook arms with Larissa and we walk to the dinning hall in silence.

The End

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