The Night girl hurries to her classroom just as the wind starts to pick up.

"That was a Night wasn't it Thorn?" I sighed and nodded. I can feel GGs anger,it's unlike anything I've felt before. She really doesn't like them does she? Well, the family did killher so she has a right.

I ignore GG and run towards the new music rooms because Ican hear someone coming. I hide inside but the footsteps are still following me. I sigh as I run into one music room. I slamthe door and turn around. I smirck at the shocked faces at the 1st years.

"Miss Stone, why are you in my classroom?" Her voice is wobbily but I just shrug and sit down at the front. "Well, I know you missed me so much since last year, I wanted to pop in and say hey." I smile evilly at her, she shivers swallows hard. My eyes start to search the room. I wave to the Night girl, making her mates look at her in confusment.

I look back at the front and see a boy at the drum set and girl, holding aguitar. She scowlsat me and I smile back. "Go on then. Lets hear the music." I say, smircking. They start toplay. My god, they are shit! "What are youdoing here?" I turn to see Alec glaringat me. "I've come tolisten." I say through my laughter.

They stop and the girl glares at me. "You got a problem or something?" Man, that girlhas guts. I shrug and turn to her. "Yeah, I do. Your music is crap." Her eyes are blazing. "I'll like to see you do better!" I laugh ou tloud and get tomyfeet. I walk right uptoher, pushing mystrawberry blonde hair out my eyes. "Go sit down little kid. It's time forthe bad girltoplay!" She scowls at me then takes her seat and the drummer followedher.

I goover tothe drums and start playing, letting out allmy feelings.I keep playing and the class is silent. I can feel mypowers growing and the evil starting to swirl in side of me. Ifinish and get to my feet. "Y-You're good." Came the shocked voice of the girlwho played the guitar.

I look at her and smile. "Oh that wasn't goodthat youherad, that was pure evil." I smiled then go over to the Night girl. "You're alright kid, you've gotguts. But stay away from me. I'mevil and I don'tthinkyour parents will like itwhen their little princess goes around on a killing spree and then takes her own life.

"She would never!" I smile at Alec. "She won't. But I can always make her." I turn towards the door and wink at a good looking guy before walking out.

The End

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