So thanks to my little out burst in lesson earlier today, I had to miss some of lunch. I also ended up finding out the teachers name too, due to the fact that she made me write her name 345 times. Thankfully though, she left me alone in her classroom to endear my ‘punishment'. When I eventually finish, I only had 10mintues to grab something to eat and make it to my next lesson. I was rushing to find where my next lesson was. Music and they moved the room.

"You lost, Night girl?" Rose's voice suddenly asked me. I stopped in the one of the gardens, a little startled by her voice.

"Shouldn't you be with Alec?" I shoot back at her. She raised her eyebrows at me smirking a little.

"Oooo, don't give me your ‘little miss bad attitude'. That's my job". She replied to me.

"O' whatever Rose, I'm not in the mood for this." I tell her heading down the path not really knowing where it led.

"I've got to admit though". Rose starts to say. "What you said to Mrs Slivers, well I quite impressed. Not many 1st years would have the bottle, but hey you must be different. I've never got on with her either. In fact I don't get on with most of the teachers here." I stood staring at her as she gave me her little speech. I didn't really know what to say to her.

"You're lucky you only got lines." She tells me as I carry one walking way from her now. "Follow that path, then take the seconded turn on your left." Rose added to me.

Was she just playing with my mind or trying to be nice? The wind was suddenly picking up around me to, strange I thought. I already late as it was, so I followed her instructions and carried on going along the path, then I took the second left. I could hear the music playing down the hall. Larissa was already here and busy talking to the teacher about something. Everyone seemed to be going off in the little music rooms and working on their own music piece.

"Hey Ronnie, we didn't see you at lunch, how was it?" Larissa asked me when I was over by the music books.

"Hiya, it was ok. She left me to do some lines while she pot out. But she was gone ages and when she did come back I only had 10minutes to grab a sandwich." I explained to her. "How's Fey?"

"She's ok. Her stomach aching and her head still a bit funny, Alec said it will ease up soon." Larissa told me.

"Specking of heads. Larissa, what's going on? I'm kinder new to this, erm, what's the best word. Peoples thoughts."

"I. Don't really want to talk about it." Larissa was staring down at her hands when she was telling me this.

"Ok. I understand, just remember that me and Fey are here for you. I know that we've just met. But." She cut me off, her face was unreadable.

"Thank you Ronnie. I know that." She smiled at me then went off. I sighed and thought to myself. I wonder if she will tell us, whatever it was it must be something big.


The End

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