I'm ditching at the moment, it's only history of magic and I really can't be bothered to here about how Natruals have killed many creatures of evil over the years. I've alsogivin up on the whole slave thing, I've had enough of getting things for Alec.

I'm in the garden, I always come here to get away. I sigh, as I climp the big oak tree. I look out at the ground below. I shake my head and lean back against the tree. I start tothink about GG and what she's doing at the moment. She might be dead but she's still a spirit and she always gets up to something bad.

The air starts to whip around me. "I know you're there GG. Istopped jumping at that a looooong time ago." I say in a lazy voice, my light blue eyes still closed. I can tell she's a bit angry at me. "Thorn! Look at me, we need to talk." Yep, it's GG alright, I know that strict voice anywhere. I sigh and open my eyes.

"What is it GG?" I ask, looking straight into her eyes. As far as I know, I'm the only person who doesn't get creeped out by them. They are just like cats. "Thorn, where is your necklace?" I run a palehand through my strawberry blonde hair. "Ain't got it on. Thinkit's in myroom." I shrug and jump out of the tree.

It's too high fora normal person but then again, I'm not normal. I control the tree, making it's large roots catch me and put me gently on the floor. "Go get your necklace Thorn, youknow that..." Iroll my eyes. "Yeah yeah yeah. The necklace can help me control my powers better and make them much stronger." I can see the anger on her face. Suddenly, I'm on the floor. Ow!

Her ghostly figure stands over me. "You have so much to learn Thorn. Go now. We don'twant you becoming one of them now do we?" I shake myhead and she vanishes. She always calls me Thorn. She says a proper evil can't have a name like Rose. I sigh.

I jump tomy feet and search with my mind for my necklace. Soon, it comes flying towards me and ties itself around myneck. I trace the unique, cold silver locket. People start to walk out of their classrooms. Break. What fun.

The End

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