Fighting it outMature


"I don't see why you can't except it" Alec says shaking his head. We've been argueing the past 20 minutes and I think Larissa and Ronnie are getting bored now. I open my mouth to speak.

"Alecain Darquesse" The teacher shouts. "You're up first"

He nods then moves off. "God girl, you and him were fighting like an old married couple" Larissa says patting my back. I sigh then turn to watch the fight.

I hope he beats you good.

Alec shakes his head at my sent thought. "Fight" the teacher shouts. Alec kicks which...... Malcom ducks. Malcom upper cuts which Alec catches and brings him down over his shoulder.

So kick, duck, punch, jump. God, I'm getting dizzy. The fights intense and I swear Alec's too pissed off to even bother. He gets two hits to the stomach but in the end pins Malcom.

"Alec wins" The teacher shouts.

No duh!

Of course he does.

I moan and grip my head. "Just Channel them out Fey" Ronnie says. Alec see me and rushes over. He tilts my head up pressing his fingers to the side of my temple.

"Breath deeply" he instructs. I follow the instructions and slowly the pain fades away.

"That will help for a while" He says pulling back.

"Fey Starfire vs Heather Dash" the teacher instructs.

"Miss, Fey aint in the right shape for a fight" Ronnie says.

"No questions" the teacher shouts. I sigh then walk over to the fighting centre. The girl Heather kicks out. I duck under then do a low kick.

Knocking her over but she rolls back and gets to her feet. I get to kicks to the stomach and one punch to the  head.

Then I turn the tables. I catch Heather wrist, twist and.... she in a head lock. People stare even my friends......... and Alec.

"Fey wins" the teacher whispers. I let go and grip my stomach.

"Miss can I go to welfare?" I say through my teeth. The teacher nods. "Alec take her please"

Alec runs over and hooks an arm round me helping me to walk. "How the hell did you do that?" he whispers.

"No Idea" I say back clenching my teeth.

The End

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