" What the hell did you do to Sean?!"  I yell

The girl only smiles, then everything changes I find myself in my room, it was midnight according to the clock.  Sean was in the bed next to mine, and Jacob and the far side of the room. What happened? Who was that? Was that all an Illusion, a dream?  I get out of my bed and shake my head.  What the hell happened? I wanted to ask Jacov or sean , but they were sleeping. I was not at all sleepy, I headed for the door it wouldn't open must be a spell to keep the curfew from not being broken.  I open the window up. It was a long way to the ground, and only someone who was suicidal would attempt a leap from the window.  I leap out and stretch my arms out to catch as much air as possible.

I make a strong updraft meet me  and slow me down until I hit the ground, softly and gracefully, I didn't care if I got busted for this. I needed answeres wether it came from my head or if I somehow found that girl.  Either way I somehow lost 6-7 hours of my life because of an illusion. I kick a rock and watch disapear into the night. As I hear it land I hear a womens voice singing, it was beautiful.  I follow the voice I trekked through woods and small hike onto a clifface until I find the girl , from dinner.

" Who are you? And what did you do to me?!" I demanded.  

She continues to sing " The axe will fall  bringing darkness and blood will riegn ."   Fairly sadistic in my opinion.

" Hello you listening to me?"   I say.  She stops sing and looks at me with pupiless eyes, just red iris's.  I stepped back.

" Who , I'am is none of your buisness. What did to you is however your buisness."  She pauses , her long glowing hair blowing in the wind.

" And what did you do to me?"

"Gardening." She answers softly.

" That doesn't make sense." I say not liking the indirect answeres.

" Consider yourself like a seed, soon you shall rise through the ground, and  convey my destruction."  She says as she jumps off the cliff.

I go to grasp her clothing but it disapears in my hand and so doese the girl.  That explained nothing only bringing more question. Once agian my surrounding melt and in my room.

" Beware of illusions."  I hear her voice echoing through my room.

I head back to bed only to find myself violently awoken by Jacob.

" Malcom you missed the first class! Get the hell up whats wrong with you?" Jacob still shaking my eyes wide open.

" Gerroff!  I don't care what can I possibly miss other then block rotations and a review of what parents should have taught you!" I growl pissed off for no reason.

" Cool down man you should thank me for waking you up." Jacob says defensively.

" Sorry. You remember that girl from yesterday in the dining hall?" I ask.

" Yeah the one you sent flying. That was great man. Unfortunelty you got a bit of a violent reuputation now."  Jacob says.

" I don't remember that." I mutter as I get up then pause in pain as my sight blackens temporarily.  I clutch my gut, in pain. My sight returns.

" You don't look to good." Jacob says.

" I'll be fine." I try to sound upbeat," Whats up next?" 

" Gym."

" Fun, fun. Are we wrestling, or doing any combat. I sorta feel inclined to pound something or someones face in."

" I don't know just show up. Alright?"

" Alright I'll just be a second." I say to Jacob who was leaving the room.

So what exactly is going on here? I ask myself as I walk out the room and head to the gym which was filled with students.

" So the only person missing is a Malcome Solace." The teachers says.

" Here!" I shout.

" A late Malcom Solace. For being late your up against Alecian Darquesse." The gym teacher drone.

" Your done for lad he is a year ahead of you and he is a natural." The kid says next to me.

" I can hold my own ground with or without powers." I shoot back at the kid angrily. My temper is out of control today, Its not like me at all, " Sir powers or no powers?" I ask.

The End

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