Out Burst.Mature


Something was seriously wrong with Larissa, she tried to laugh it off but she didn't fool me. Fey was worried about her to, but she had other things on her mind. I had heard her talking in her sleep, at first I thought she was awake. But when I checked again she was fast asleep. So of course last night I was wide awake, due to my little cat nap earlier.

Then just as I'm about to nod off, Larissa started to scream. Not the most peaceful night ever I can tell you. Larissa barely spoke a word at breakfast; she was too lost in her own head to make sense of the world around her.


I was sat next to Larissa in Magic study; she was stilling blocking her mind from everyone. I suddenly got past a note; I opened the piece of paper and looked at it under the desk.

‘I know what your doing Ronnie. You're too noticeable, I know that's it's one of your ‘abilities''. But remember that she a witch, so her head going to be little bit more difficult to crack.'


I looked over at Alec then, he wasn't looking at me total poker face. He was busy looking at Fey. Larissa was busy looking in her book for this lesson. Rose suddenly appears in the classroom, carrying the files that Alec asked her to fetch. I also notice Bradley coming in then with some other boys and a cat?  This school was totally strange. I smiled to myself, who only known's what going to happen at this school. Bradley looks in my direction, I smile at him, and he smiles back.

‘Morning Ronnie.' Bradley thinks to me. I wasn't sure that he could here me or not. So I waved at him.

‘No, I can't hear you. I can see you thinking it though.' He pulls a sad face.

"Hey who's that?" Fey asks me pulling me out of my own private conversation with Bradley.

"Bradley. Erm I bumped into him yesterday." I could feel my face going a nice shade of pink.

"You kept that one quite. Bradley Strom. Nice." Larissa told me.

"Sorry I just"-

"Miss Veronica Night! I would like to start my lesson if that's ok with you?" A woman snapped at me.

"I. I'm sorry Mrs. Sorry I erm." I stuttered unable to speck.

"Stop babbling girl! Now class turn to page 3 in your books. Now that Miss Veronica Night finished." She looked at me with those bided blue eyes. We all turned to the book in front of us.

"Read the first paragraph in silence." She told us. The book was called ‘History behind the magic'. I looked at Larissa surly she read this book, she was a witch. Even I've read it out of boredom, one rainy afternoon. I sighed looking around the room. Rose was sitting in the corner near Alec looking as bored as me.

"Miss Veronica Night! You have being told to do something. Just because, your parents are all powerful in our world. Doesn't give you the right, to what you want." She snapped at me again. I couldn't believe this. What was with my parents?

"Mrs. I don't even know your name. But anyway, I've read this book already. I pretty much know it word by word. And why you bring my parents into this? Are you a faired because there powers better then yours? And that they get to do more then teach all day in some boring classroom?" Ok so this was totally out of order and not like me at all. But I had enough of everyone getting at me. The class was silent, no one moved. The teacher was just globed smacked; I didn't even want to go into her head right about now. I didn't realise that I was standing up; my right hand was tingeing too, which was strange.


The End

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