Magic Study, Class 1Mature


"You can just fetch these files" Alec says handing her a sheet. "Don't even try to read them.... they have magic put around them so only those aloud can look in them"

Rose nods then walks off. "She should be happy I could have told her to run around the school naked and she would of had to do it" Alec says beginning down the hall.

"We have Magic Study class first Larissa" I say ignoring Alec comment.

"I wouldn't do that even though I know some people who would" Alec says. I feels his fingers brush mine and jerk them away.

"Magic, this will be good" Ronnie says.

"It will probably be the history" Larissa says. "This will be useful for you Fey. You'll get to hear about the other Natural's"

"Yeah, most of them live in the citadel now though" Ronnie informs. "You'll probably live there in thirty years time"

I shiver. If all Natural's stop aging at around 16 years old then it will be weird. "Deffinetly weird" Alec mutters. I turn and glare at him for intruding on my private thoughts.

He shrugs. "I'm not searching" He says.

"You must be I'm only getting flickers" Ronnie says looking at me.

"Oh great" I mutter reading Alec's mind. "Please don't say we have to share thoughts"

"We do" Alec says. I turn and glare at him.

"It is true that it is easier for Natural's to read each others mind. When no one else can read thoughts from there minds at all...... you seem to be getting close to that Fey" Larissa tells me.

Then we reach the right class room which Alec indicates by opening the door.

We all file on to the back row Alec and Ronnie on the end and me and Larissa in the middle. I hate the fact that yet again I find myself next to Alec.

The End

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