Stop Rubbing It In!Mature


Not fair! This is my second day ofmysecond year and I have to go around being a slave for whoever wants me to be! Stupid teachers thinking I would actrually reck the music room.

I open the note I was given in detension with all the people I had to help. Alecain Darquesse. Oh, you've gotto be kidding me! I growl as I quickly walk to the assembly hall and stand in the door way fuming. I tap my foot in boredom. They all start to walk out and most scowl at me as they walk past.

Alec and his new group walk out and eye me strangly. Alec smiles at meand I grow at him. "I thought Miss was kidding when she said you'll be my slave for the day." He looked shocked as he said that. Some of the girls had their eyes wide. "Just tell me what to do already!" I growl through my teeth. He shrugs at me, confusion playing on his face.

The End

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