After Dinner everyone went to there rooms. I mean not that it was late or anything but this school had a 8 o'clock curfew on school nights. 10 o'clock on Friday and Saturday night.

"What do you think of the school then?" Larissa asks as she begins to hang up her clothes in her section of the wardrobe.

It's split into three sections with two draws at the bottom in each one and a pole with hangers to hang some of your clothes up.

"I think the people are to judgemental" Ronnie says whose lying on her bed. I'm sitting at a small writing desk which has newly been placed in the room close to my bed which is closest to the door and the bathroom.

Its one of those old victorian ones with the wooden chairs and the curved pull down shutter.

"Agreed" I say remembering the flicker of feelings I'd been getting all day. "Also I hate people thinking that just cause I'm the other Natural I am automatically Alec's girlfriend"

I hear the snap of the pencil and both the girls look at me. I look down at the broken pencil. I sigh and put all the pieces down on the table before clicking my fingers, the pencil putting itself back together.

"Your learning quickly" Ronnie notes.

"What do you expect she's a Natural" Larissa says, finished putting her clothes in the wardrobe she sits down on her own bed.

I continue with my sketching and I know Larissa and Ronnie look at each other. "What you writing?" Larissa asks.

"I'm actually sketching" I say.

"Can we see?" Ronnie asks. I fidget and look across at them.

"I'm a bit shy about my drawing" I mutter. Larissa presses her hands together.

"Please" She asks. I pick up the pad and twirl it round so they can look at it. Their mouths hang open. "Its not finished" I mutter bringing it back to the table.

"It looks like a picture" Ronnie whispers.

"Here a finished one" I say showing them another part of the garden I'm continuely sketching.

"Beautiful.... Where is this?" Larissa asks.

"I don't know, just in my head" I say continueing on the most recent piece. Then I notice the time on the old styled clock on the desk. "Time to sleep"

I pull down the shutter and use the key to lock it. I slip the chain over my neck and go over to my bed.

Both Larissa and Ronnie are already lying down waiting for me. I slip in we switch the lights off then all try to get to sleep.

Which some how, even after today, comes really easily.

The End

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