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I didn't realise that I had fallen asleep on my bed. So when the door suddenly cricked open I jump out of my skin.

"Sorry Ronnie, I didn't know you were resting. Is it ok that I come in?" Alec asks standing in the doorway.

"Err no. I mean yes. You can come in." I was still a little dazed out from my cat nap so my voice was thick when I spoke to Alec.

"Sorry about earlier, in the gym." A little smirk played on his lips when he spoke. "I wasn't fighting fairly. But still you did well."

"Don't worry about it. And are you allowed to be here?" I asked getting to my feet and stretching.

"Technically no. But still I had to see you about something." Alec replied back to me.

"Huh, another bad boy." I muttered under my breath.

 "Why who's the other one then?" Alec pondered. Dammit.

"So why you here then?" Changing the subject

"Can you come with me for a moment? I want you to see someone." He asked me.

"Look I can't be another Natural. The saying, three's a crowed." I looking at him now with my eyebrows raised.

"Funny but no. You're not a Natural. Who taught you to fight?" Alec voice was serious when he looked at me.

"Erm. When I was younger my mum taught me a few movements. Dad gave me some tips. But not like when you made me fly in the dam air. Is that something to do with your power then?" I explained to him.

"Have you practiced a lot?" Ignoring my question for him.

"No not really. What we did, the body contact. That was my first real time. And it was a while ago when my mum taught me a few movements." I felt puzzled why was he so interested in my weak fighting skills? 

"Hmm well, what you did show me was impressive. Even for a girl. I don't mean that to sound rude. I want you to meet someone with me. Then we better be getting off for dinner. Your friends will be wondering where you are." Alec explained to me, he headed out my door wanting me to follow him.

"So you never did answer my question?" Alec suddenly said as we walked down the quite corridor to this mystery person.

"O'yer hmm. You might get him into trouble." I told him.

"Come on, Ronnie. I don't grass on a person, that's not my thing. Any case I've done my fair bit of trouble making." He smiled down at me.

"Ok someone called Bradley was in the girl's dorm area. I just happened to bump into him. Quite literarily. I confessed to him, Alec just smiled.

"Bradley Strom. Yer guess you could say, he one that doesn't always listen to the rules. But he a good mate to anyone thinks of other people and not just himself." We turned a corner then and headed outside in the night air, we walked along a path that led us to the far end of the school grounds.

"What's his power then? Nathans I mean" We eventually reach a small brick building then.

"Ask him yourself next time you see him." Alec told me, he knock on the door and waited for it to open. 2 minutes later the wooden door opened and a woman stepped forward. The woman had jet black hair that she had tied back in a tight bun. She had dark green eyes that where like hawks, her body tall and slim. The woman looked only looked in her early 20s.

"Here she is, Labara just as you requested." Alec told her.

"Thank you Alec. Miss Night I was wondering when I would be meeting you." The woman said looking over me with those hawk like eyes.

"Thank you. I'm sorry but I erm, don't really know why I'm here." I replied to her.

"My name is Labara. And Alec here thinks you have the quality to be a strong fighter. Much stronger then your classmates. So this is why I' am going to be teaching you my self." Labara explained to me. I couldn't speck, I was too god smacked.

"I. Me. No I think you must be mistaken." I stuttered to her.

"We're soon see about that tomorrow. Word is you managed to fall Alec here in a matter of minutes. Some skill, even if wonder boy here wasn't using his full fighting skills. Tut tut." Labara shook her head and then continual "So, tomorrow I want to see what you can do. Giving who your parents are, it should be quite interesting to see what powers you hold. I will see you tomorrow." Labara said goodbye and then me and Alec took a short cut to the dinning hall. The girls had saved me a sit, Alec sat next Fey again.

‘She even is getting it off with Alec now. Fast mover.'

‘Where she been with him. This is soo not fair.'

I tucked into my dinner, trying hard to block the voices out. I looked up and I seen Nathan eyes quickly look away from my face. Hmm interesting.

The End

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