Observing school societyMature


Even though I said I didn't really care about the girl that Jacob mentioned , I actually did find it strange that I was thing about her. She had this odd feeling about her , I didn't like it one bit. 

"Oi its dinner time you two!" A supervisor shouts at us as we pass a doorway to the dinning hall. 

" Oh sorry." I mumble as we turn around.

" Hey what happened too Sean?" Jacob asks.

" I really don't care or know , think he disapeared when that girl you mentioned .......... walked by."

" Propably just using his charming powers to make a new friend." Jacob says.

"Probably." I agree but really think something strange was up. Even though the guy irratated with his endless amounts of questions, I just hoped nothing happened to the guy.

We find a spot in the hall waiting for the arrival of food. The hall goes quite , I look behind me and it this boy who I presume I've heard all of the girls talking about, the natural kid. I actually had next to no knowledge what that was  , or actually cared, all I know is that their born every thousand years and have pairs. I also heard they lived forever too, but I wasn't sure.  He walks down and sits to a large empty spot on our table only a few people above me and Jacob.

"I bet you a couple dollars that spots going to get swarmed." I say to Jacob

" I would take you up on your offer but i'm afraid I would lose." Jacob answers as girls begin to get up to change spots. They all ask if they can sit beside but they all get rejected.  In this rather funny looking dram I see two more girls walk in the hall.  They end up sitting beside Alec the rest of the girls look severly displeased and sit back in there own seats.

" Wow, observing school society here is rather petty. Mostly about popularity and the hottest looking girl or guy.It just petty , pointless , and all together overblown for what it really is." I critize just about every teenage in the world say for the unfortunate third world country childern. 

" Well aren't you nice to your peers." Jacob says

" I just find this all petty and can't honestly wait to leave this hell hole." I say seeing our meals coming.

It was choice between chicken, ot a vegetarian meal. I grab the chicken and whatever come with that.  I look at it not all that hungry.  I eat the rice and the few pieces of brocoli. I stab the chicken with the fork. 

" I'm going to head off for my roo.." A black cat named Clings it self to my shirt.

" Sean get the hell off!"  I yell falling to the ground.  He turns back into sean.

" We all need to leave right now!" He says anxiously , and unfortunetly the whole hall hears him.  The girls that sat beside the Natural kid turn around.

" Why?"

" Thats a bloody good question." I grumble getting to my feet.  Sean shakes nervously, and points at the girl from earlier.

" So?"

" B. Bad." He says then falls to the ground.

" What the hell , is going on here?"  I say only to clueless.


The End

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