When we split up I left the Gym quickly..... not quickly enough to excape Alec. "Wait up!" He shouts running up to walk next to me.

My steps are short but quick and his long ones match my speed. "Go away, I dont want to be seen with you it brings me nothing but trouble" I hiss glaring at him.

He shrugs. "I don't get why you hate me Fey?" He says looking across at me.

"Well, besides from the fact that everyone seems to think that me being the other Natural makes us suddenly a couple and that every girl in this school seems to hate me for that, I dont hate you for anything" I turn and glare at him so he gets the point.

Alec looks at me eyebrows raised. "Would that be a bad thing if the tradition of Natural's staying in there pairs continued?" he asks and his attitude is serious.

I look away blushing and I hear him sigh. "I have to go and sort something out. Ronnie is a good fighter but she needs more training and I think I know the right person" He says.

"I really thought she was going to beat you at first. I was looking forward to it" I say pouting.

Alec laughs. "Maybe one day even though back there I wasnt fighting at my top level..... but its very rude to beat a girl to bad"

"Its rude to beat a girl at all but you still seem to be doing it" I say. He smiles.

"Not in the real world. I need to go and talk to this trainer about Ronnie.... But I'll make sure to see you at dinner"

Before I can protest he takes my hand and kisses the knuckle lightly. I yank it away. "You're a jerk" I hiss.

"I'm not trying to annoy you Fey, I'm being quite seirous" With that he walks off down the hall leaving me shocked and annoyed.

I wander around for a while finding myself thinking about Alec. Later on I find Larissa a few minute before lunch. We have a small discussion about the tension between me and Alec which makes me think about him again.

Uh, why the hell am I thinking about him anyway?

The End

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