"Need a hand up"?Mature



I was edger to show off my skills. I wanted to prove that I was as good as my parents, if not better.

"Ok then Ronnie, get in a defensive position". Alec tells me, while getting ready himself.

‘Hmm, let's see how much she learnt from mummy and daddy.'

'No way will she take him down'. I heard some of the boys thinking

O'game on, i'll show them!  We started to circle each other, looking into each other eyes. I moved like a lioness does, crouching down ready to lunge at her pray. Then he made his move. He went for my right side of my body. He was fast but not fast enough. I ducked and rolled on the floor then sprang back to face him. He was soon up on his feet again, his lips set in a thin smile. I waited for his attack again, smiling myself.

I didn't have to wait long. This time he went for my left side, instead of ducking I just about managed to grab his arm and kick him hard before he could grab me. He fell to the floor, his smile suddenly gone from his face.

"Need a hand up, Alec?" I asked him in my smug voice. I was holding my hand down towards him.

  He took my hand, but as he did I was suddenly flying. I landed hard on the floor looking up to the ceiling. And of course everyone seen it and they started to laugh at my cockiness.

"Do you need a hand up, Ronnie?" Alec face was filled with joy that he had one over on me. Now I really did feel sorry for Fey. The boy may be cute, but boy, he liked getting even.

Alec helped me up without any funny powers.

"Well thanks I guess." I muttered wanting to quickly get out of here now.

"Wait a minute Ronnie, I can I speck with you later?" Alec questioned me.

I turned round reluctantly. "Erm. Yer sure." I told him. What he want with me? I walked away then.

‘Alec really got her'

‘She really does think she all that. Ha hope I see him really take her down.'

The snipping continual, it was like everyone in this school had seen Alec and me. Larissa was busy using her power with the basket balls, and wait who was that? He looks familiar; O'that's that guy from earlier. We've only been here a few hours and already everyone chatting each other up. The corridors where packed with students, everyone thoughts burled together. I didn't understand it.

When I was at home it was hard to pick up on people thoughts. But here I can't help it; of course some people were blocking their minds. I kept thinking about Fey, poor kid. Not knowing your real heritage must be hard. Not only that, but been a Natural. I didn't know any Natural's, mum and dad did but I'm not surprise. There work was all top secret. Thinking of my parents job, made me think about that girl at lunch. Rose Stone.

Then as if by magic, there she was. She was in blazing mood. Stomping down the corridor not caring who was in her way.

‘This so not fair! Of all the classroom in this stinking school! Why not the boring library? Music was the only class I liked; now they've gone and racked that classroom.'

Her mind was filled with anger. She must be going to the head teacher office. O'great that means I can't go there any time soon. I eventually made it back to my room. The girls would probably be coming in soon, which meant Alec would be having a ‘talk' to me soon. Ugh! Now I was in a mood.   

The End

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